Intelligent Avoid Religion

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Intelligent Avoid Religion

August 23, 2011
There are many types of minds, two of them in regards to ‘religiousness’ are: One – the gullible unquestioning, and Two – those who see, and use the merits but rightfully know religions are a ‘trap’ for the weaker and fearful. Having intimately studied the ‘religion scenario’ since my early teen years, I fully see the ‘lures’ into ‘sheeplehood’ as well as those who refuse to be dumbed down, and throw away the masks of righteousness, salvation, or whatever bait is thrown into the fishing for converts.

Any ‘belief’ coming from out of a religion can produce very real seeming temporary results just as a human can be tormented or embraced with hope by infinite illusions that end up as ‘soap bubbles’ with no substance. Illusions of what can be, but with no proof beyond the mind, and ‘tricked heart’ describe the ‘imprisonment of billions of humanity, both here and long gone. The ‘super deluded holy book thumpers’ have, unknown to them, lost their souls in their proselytization of the ‘absolute necessity’ of adhering to what has been said by higher powers coming through ‘god’s men’.

If religions were to become community gathering places for prayer, meditation, yoga, pot lucks, and all sorts of healthy endeavors, the more intelligent just might come back. I have never met a person who knows and loves themselves, or is working on same, to be a follower of any being, past or present. No intelligent, spiritual human being who has walked the earth would EVER encourage ANY followers, especially those who live with their nose in a holy book purportedly endorsed by him (and it’s always a him with a him deity in the sky).

Words like ‘the Messiah or God’ are meant allegorically so as to have a verbal identification, but not as an idol past, present, or future. There are enough problems having people understand the word ‘love’ and the many, many level of interpretation let alone having a ‘being’ who has the ability to charm with words or actions be seen truthfully, and as they would have agreed. No being regarded as ‘holy’ needs or wants to be followed. No where has a ‘so called’ holy being said ‘follow me’, and not the spirit of your love and compassion. Be in ‘harmonious positioning’ and sensitivity with all of life for maximum, truthful, living. Religiousness has no converts, only man needs them for his ego. Truth is silent.

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