Old People Owe Younger

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Old People Owe Younger


August 17, 2011

The ‘over age 50’ millions today need to realize that they are yesterday’s youth who did not make this a better world except for some technological breakthroughs. We live much longer than a few years ago. Is over 50, 60, 70, or 80 a time to sit back, and let the ‘younger’ change the direction of the world when they obviously have not in the past? Isn’t it time to give back to a world that is allowing people to live longer? Enjoying retirement is a ‘cop out’, and a ‘sales pitch pill’ to make money for those looking for more income!

Those into their next 1/2 century have more of the money, influence, wisdom (at least, should have), AND TIME! The younger are beleaguered with astronomical school bills, worry over finding jobs, fighting unnecessary wars, figuring out what to do with their lives, buying a house that you over 50, were part of raising the prices many fold, some raising families, sexual discoveries, divorces, busy working to fulfill a dream that never comes, on and on. All in all, regardless of education and age, people are not that smart in terms of ‘wisdom’, which includes finding themselves with inner happiness that’s not just ‘trumped up for bragging rights’.

By 50, a human ought to have the wisdom to be an example to the world, or at least willing to move in that direction while volunteering to help with what ‘ails’ the world. Life after some ‘stupid’ retirement is not just a vacation or a reason to hang out at the casinos, but really an opportunity like no one else has to cultivate the ‘garden of humanity’ that the youth have been so good at making a mess of. Now with more of ‘yesterdays youth’ available, as well as more being educated, you can find ways to uplift others lives. Could be the good karma that you’re a bit short on! Who knows what it will amount to after this life. One thing for sure, it will set a good example for future generations good habits of ‘giving back’!

Instead of using the kids of 18 to fight wars under false pretenses allegedly benefiting  the economy, why not redirect that focus on being an activist for human growth, and help rectify the damage that continues to mount in society, not to mention your personal lives. There is wisdom in giving, and giving to others who are doing their best to make it a better world, but are left running in place for a lack of help. Help another who is doing their best to help others. The world changes for the better when you add yourself to the collective that evolves. Let the ‘wiser’ run the direction of the world, and put yourself on that team! Get that ‘wisdom’ deeper in your soul of consciousness!

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