Do Negative Judging ‘Positively’

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Do Negative Judging ‘Positively’

August 20, 2011
Telling it like it is, isn’t necessarily a negative judgement, but can be a positive reflection on something seen as objectively as possible to be ‘negative’. There is little question that to judge a person or thing erroneously, or from a superficial viewpoint without seeing the complete picture, is ….well, not the best use of judgment! Some are too loose in using the practice of negative judging, while some jump on everything as it’s a judgment offending their sense of self proprietary attachment to the ‘negative perceptions’ floating around in their head.

Complaining to the waiter that there is a fly in your soup, and judging that the soup is not eatable, but asking for another bowl of the soup would be preferred, is turning a negative into a positive. Likewise, all judgments, especially the negative ones, need compassion, and a positive solution. Not having that is to identify yourself as a more negative thinking person. Be honest with yourself, and at least identify yourself as a negative thinker, even if that is tough on the ego of self pride.

People largely live in revenge, anger, despair, self criticism, rejected by life, etc. Life encompasses beautiful, ‘right things’ as well as the ugly, and ‘bad things’. It’s all up to you to take the responsibility of choosing to not collect the wrong things that build up into your persona and begin to influence all that you have to say. People are very strange, the majority, at this time, look for flaws, overlooking the real you and your assets. Don’t be the one who initiates any negative judgment without compassion and a positive intent.

Life is full of both. You can see the glass half empty or half full. Choose how you want to feel – heaven or hell. That’s freedom – ‘freedom of choice’! The world’s populace is mainly on a negative path. Be a trailblazer for the positive with an increasing ability to turn negative into positive. A little change in you is necessary within your natural biological mind. Meditation helps to look at the good side of things, people, incidents, and all of life. Meditators and people who find love within their inner self, automatically begin attracting more life affirming situations. The one great freedom we all have, is the freedom to choose how we look at everything, and to selest the best possible choice. To judge gracefully the negative, with a positive solution, is ‘godly’.

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