Truths Enemy are Beliefs

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Truths Enemy are Beliefs


August 13, 2011
They are called ‘beliefs’ because no one is sure of their truth. Beliefs should never be know as truths, but the ego clings to the ‘belief’ that it’s the ‘truth’ even regardless of it’s absurdity. ‘Beliefs’ may be a crutch when ‘to know’ either is not possible or hasn’t overtaken beliefs yet. ‘Beliefs’ are sold in the marketplace by salesmen who wear clothes to represent one of the holy books. In a world run by ‘leaders’ who often have absolute power in restricting personal freedoms unnecessarily, an opposing force has been necessary to give the people hope. That hope has been in ‘beliefs’ bottled up by organizations to keep the rightfully insecure masses more secure by ‘believing in an all knowing and loving higher power’ to provide some semblance of loving security.

The crowds have always been too busy to listen to their inner wisdoms, or certainly a voice that speaks against their beliefs! You’d think someone had pricked their brain with a pin when you give any allusion to an answer other than what they ‘believe’. There is little questioning among ‘believers’ as to maybe, just maybe, they are selling themselves a bill of goods that was sold to them. Questioning begins with babies as they are curious about everything in the world. Somewhere soon, a parent, who themselves is living in illusion, mindlessly gives the toddler, as they grow, that same information, then sending them to a ‘holy house’, innocently to get further programmed.

The ‘brain washing’ only increases with religion, and sales advertising for everything that also provides a living for those product/service pushers with little concern about the negatives they are offering. Truth always goes against the crowds beliefs. When someone speaks against everything you have believed in, you mind stops listening in a subtle fear and closes with defensiveness. The one who is speaking just may be right, and that hurts the ego.

Be open and silent when meeting someone who speaks words contrary to what you have come to believe. Give them an opportunity with heartfelt questions of a dialog instead of asking for proof when no amount of proof you are even open to hearing. Sadly, pointing to truths in words may not be as easy to understand as words from centuries ago that are comforting requiring total acceptance. One of truth is not looking for believers to follow him, but individuals to open their hearts and minds to communicate with, and move into deeper more evolving relationships together. Man has the ‘roots’, but needs the wings of freedom and the experience of love beyond their expectations to a higher dimension. ‘Belief’ works like ‘fast food’, but is the indigestion of truth and consciousness.  Bliss comes unexpectedly in many unforeseen dimensions to those that are open to see. Beliefs are only the beginning!

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