Mayhem in London Deserved

Mayhem in London Deserved

August 10, 2011
Individual and collective binging emotions are the rage of the day as people are waking up to see that the world, and their personal expectations are what amount to ‘fantasy scams’. People and society are more ‘ticking time bombs’ than ever before. The events happening, and those that will be ‘exploding’ for change are set in ‘logic and karma’ for what has come before going back to unrecorded history. Most of the world is still uneducated, and even the educated are suffering from lack of maturity. The combination is ‘explosive’!

As I continue to say over and over, technology is light years ahead of mankind’s evolving ‘technology of the heart and mind’, and mayhem will quite naturally be the result of the gap. Ironically, it’s technology that’s fueling the riots through ‘texting’ a network of troublemakers as to new locations and plans for rabble rousing. It’s known as ‘flash mobs’, and they will be rising wherever unemployment, and mounting dissatisfaction with opportunities are rampant, while the very rich bask in their fantasy worlds. Those who have no money, and meaningful opportunities while being pushed into ‘dire straits’ are logically going to react with nothing but their bodies, and maybe rocks, or anything available to do damage.

Awakenings on any level, social or personal, are usually not seen in a positive light. Sometimes what evolves into a ‘positive’ against a ‘reluctance to change’, is viewed in a dark light especially by those not seeing the ‘forest through the trees’. Intensity, whether as a volcano, or earth changes is a natural readjustment to ‘uncomfortability’. Humanity is coming out of the dark ages where none of the means to experience, and learn was available a few short decades ago. Seemingly, infinite aspects of life are opening, and at the same time. Human equality rights like blacks being released from slavery to 1/2 the population slowly being recognized as first class citizens, namely woman, continue to happen. In a way it’s a ‘clash’ of new products, services, greed, apathy, old deteriorated values, and rapid fire change in everything, with the pharmaceutical/medical industry making billions with alleged cures for all that ails in the confusions of the awakening.

You have to be positive, and fill yourself like a hot air balloon. In the middle of shit to get out of it you have to not focus on the negative. You have to rise above the whole drama. What you tell yourself is the ticket out of hell and confusion into a higher plane of experience. No longer is sitting in a rocking chair rocking, or getting caught up in either greedy accumulation, playing while the ‘house burns’, or any activity that is not mindful of time needed for meditation and reflection on yourself in addition to giving back to make it a better world, the best choices. This is the moment revealing an ‘opening’ for all individuals and humanity, to awaken and evolve consciously to a higher lever of love and compassion. Always, there is a better way!

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