Rise of ‘Merry Pranksters’

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Rise of ‘Merry Pranksters’!


August 8, 2011
We need change! Who’s going to get it ‘rolling’? The ‘old’ over 50 who have the most money, and time? The older who started it in the ’60’s and ’70’s then slipped away into the ‘corporate world’ of conformity? Where have you gone Ken Kesey, who created the paint sloshed, LSD bus for the ‘merry pranksters’ trip across the country as a ‘wakeup’? Kesey, the author of the book made into a movie ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ was a huge part of stirring, and waking up the world to a ‘new dawn and a new age’.

Where is this mind set for waking up today if not stuck behind fear and complacency? Maybe those years were a little too wild and misguided, but most of those participants, (even though most were on the sidelines), are still here, sitting back, and just shaking their unawakened heads at the mess the world is in without realizing that they are best situated to have a job to finish!

Those in their 20 and 30’s are tied up in education, paying for it, struggling to get enough money to buy the ‘price inflated’ houses the ‘elder’s’ now have, fighting ‘oil wars’, dealing with mental/emotional struggles, dysfunctional kids and families, broken marriages, debt, illusions as well as confusion over the future, on and on. In essence, the young who use to be the ones to make a difference, are behind the ‘8-ball’, and need the help and wisdom of those who started the awakening, but have left it in shambles. Yesterday’s young have an obligation to get off their ‘lamenting butts sitting in front of the TV or getting exercise in the gambling casino’s’, and do what it takes to wake up out of their ‘giving up, retirement snooze’, and now making a difference for a better world for now and future generations. Where is the wisdom of the ‘elders’ that we heard about in centuries past in various civilizations?

It’s time to pull the ‘merry pranksters’ out of the mothballs, and set examples for the future generations. Maybe ‘hell is for those who sit idly by’ as the world turns to hell while the fires burn as the elders are in the casino’s or suffering from accumulated negative attitudes. It’s ‘wake-up’ time for everyone to look inside, make corrections, then look outside, and give a hand in giving wisdom, money, and every assistance that can be mustered up. The ‘earth’ is becoming MORE of a ‘cuckoo’s nest’! Time to dig in with awareness, love, and compassion, and help the ‘spirit of the world’ transform into a heaven on earth!!! Your, and everyone else’s, future is full of possibilities!!

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