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Parrot Sheeple Chatter


August 7, 2011

To listen and interpret positively is more valuable that any who chatter about knowledge they have. You needn’t have much to say, or be able to say it as good as someone else, but wisdom rarely comes from those with a relentless ‘gift of gab or chatter’. Wisdom is a silent space that knows when action or inaction is best. Intelligence has little to do with knowledge, where the practical and positive use of knowing has far more potential for wisdom. Black crows or seagulls, down by the water, have lots to say that amounts to just a lot of chatter. ‘People chatter’ is sheeple chatter, as it has no meaning for the importance of listening.

Knowledge is something a parrot can recite. Pseudo intellects, who often revel in their misperception of their mentalness, often are just ‘fact check’ misquoters anyway. ‘Too much in the mind’ is a malady of the ‘parrot sheeple’, who if truth be known is really spouting what amounts to gibberish. A meditation exercise to minimize being too much in the head, ironically, uses the ‘chatter’ incessantly to quiet the ‘noise’.

Stand, sit, or lie down for 45 minutes with eyes closed, and begin talking aloud in sounds that make little sense – like ‘speaking in tongues’ or glossalalia. At the end of this time, lie down with eyes closed, and just watch whatever comes up. Doing this for a few weeks will move you away from being a chatterbox of what others would rather not listen to. Learn to speak from the heart, and from experience that is relevant, and likely appreciative to the ears of others. This is also a technique to quiet the mind.

Talk can be abusive to the ears from others, particularly when the ‘gaps’ are hard to create for the listener to get a word in edgewise.  In one way, obsessive compulsive ‘parrot sheeple people’ are ‘self abusive’, and coming from a fear of ‘dialoging’ or using compassionate communication with the listener/victim. There is no standard formula for interacting with this character,  but being up front and telling them of their inconsiderate
loquaciousness, or just spending as little time around them as possible. ‘Talk’ is a ‘gift opportunity’ to communicate from the heart, as well as that which is welcomed by the listener. To live in meditation is to find ways to be in harmony with both yourself, and the outer world. Talk is a ‘communication art’ BOTH WAYS!

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