Muslim Madness

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Muslim Madness


August 2, 2011
The world of fantasy is crumbling even though it seems ‘madness’ is everywhere! The world is being woken up by the information on the ‘internet’ exposing ‘lots of dirty laundry’ in every crack and cranny where men in particular have controlled and corralled people’s weaknesses into infinite forms of brain washing to ‘shear the sheeple’ for the greed of the hungry wolves. Religions have become ‘ideologies’ that the politicians use to formulate their quest for power. Politicians are neutered without religions that put the ‘fear of everlasting hell’ into the gullible’s minds.

From the Jews who evolved from earlier Eastern myths and teachings, have come two giants of religion, Christianity and Islam. The history of religion has been one of ‘division among peoples’ with centuries of consistent warring, particularly from these two ‘mind control’ ideologies that both claim to have the ‘last word’ of god/allah’s revelations. LIke everything, both have positives, yet filled with negatives and myths that have become ‘idol worshipping’ for the vulnerable.

Islam is the last major religion to arise from darker, more primitive ages. Since printing capabilities have arisen, religious salesmen, cloaked in authoritarian garb with names identifying them as ‘god’s messengers’, have managed to cover the earth with god/luciferian propaganda. All religions play on fear of eternal death, and especially with Islam, a fear of stepping outside Mohammed’s teachings. All religions, particularly Islam have their followers living far back in the past which is like fitting a square peg in a round hole.

To seek truth within does not need ‘religion’s policemen’ purporting to act in the name of god. The world starts with children’s fairy tales but ends in ‘disillusion’. There may be major economic deficits currently, but there’s a real punishing mental/emotional/spiritual deficit among rich and poor. It’s time to stop saving religions and their myths, and begin a more creative revolution of the heart and being. Madness is hereditary among religions who imprison themselves in the roots of spirituality but without the use of the wings to fly into a more divine consciousness of the heart and wisdom.

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