Muslim Bashing Fun

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Muslim Bashing Fun


August 1, 2011
Muslims are shy! Why else would so many Muslim women cover up so much of their bodies! Muslim men often wear beards to cover their faces too! Muslim men who have computers prefer to look at porno of non muslim women, likely Muslim women are too shy to do porno, or maybe the men would do a ‘fatwa’ or declaration of ‘retribution’ on them?

To Create higher values, the old values have to be destroyed! “He who has to be a creator always has to destroy.”  -Zarathustra

If you want the whole of humanity to be spiritual, conscious, meditative, and loving, you have to destroy the superstitions, myths, theologies, and all lies used to control humanity. Nationalism and religions must be destroyed, and peacefully. Marriage between races and cultures must be encouraged. The flowers, vegetables, fruits, and animals are being cross bred for better quality and variety, why not humans? All humanity is controlled by ‘man-made rules’ and religion – women have had little to no say. All controlling devices must be ‘cross-bred’ with female and male using new creative, conscious ways beginning now, and into the future.

The rising consciousness of civilization is clearly dependent on the individualness and creativity of more and more people leading to an explosion in a spiritual awakening to make it a far more heavenly planet. Wars, dissension, and all forms of violence are purely representative of the animal kingdom, which we as humans are physically, and potentially emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, above. But are we making haste in this remarkable opening in this ‘blossoming world’ to ‘self evolve’? We no longer need to be like ‘robots’ under the control of the ‘users for personal gain’, when the ‘writing is on the wall’ that everything that’s needed to enlighten our selves individually and collectively is here at our finger tips.

All those institutions, religions, cults, nationalities, etc., must be ‘mowed’ down for a more evolving humanity. Marrying amongst the family is heavily frowned upon because of certain retardations that occur from inbreeding.  So called ‘royal’ families for centuries have created dullards but have managed to put a ‘stranglehold’ on the creativity of the masses. It’s ‘breakout time’ in the spirit of the times, or ‘zeitgeist’. The past few days, I watched tens of thousands pass my world’s largest display of free speech that is dedicated to provoking thinking and waking up. The thousands, with rare exceptions, seemed to be in a fog going nowhere but to window shop, and look at the sailboats in the water.

At this moment in time, we need to destroy, with consciousness, that which keeps us walking in the dark ages while not thinking, and acting as if we are in the greatest moment of human history right now. Condemn or bash the past, but with the intent from the mind and heart to show a healthier way.  Always be open to provoking change in thinking and behaviors, but with some measure of common sense discernment for the possible ‘fragileness’ of those still stuck in the past – this is the ‘spiritual way’!

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