Sheeple People Stink

Sheeple People Stink


July 26, 2011
People who like to avoid ‘provocative talk’, and thought, not to mention who ‘fear showing any real love’ – you get the drift, are sheeple, or robots in denial of the ‘right use of brain power! Rhetorical robots beLIEve rather than be smart enough to seek the real truth. Sheeple are always led by some beLIEf that can be used by any thinking person to control their behavior by agreeing or disagreeing. Stuck in behavior patterns that haven’t been examined for approval by intelligent common sense is likely part of their habitual repertoire.

Intelligence takes no information for granted without an examination for the truth inherent in it. Well over 95% of information that was routinely, mindlessly accepted without questioning before the first half of the last century is likely ‘moldy and useless’ in a world set for the first time for an explosion of discernment, or destruction. To ‘open the mind’ for the possibility of by-passing handed down knowledge, in preference for first hand knowing, is godly. Devolution of the mind, and sense abilities is the leading cause today of whatever ills there are in the world.

With a more advanced world in technology, and answers to many things never available until recently, comes a responsibility to use what’s available to improve your inner personal life as well as that of others who need to see an example of what that looks like. Sheeple always look for the safe way in actions, feelings, and words. They walk through life investing in avoiding anything that challenges their ‘modus operandi’ in all things. They fear truths instead look for ‘sweet comforts’ that are someone else’e profit motive, and without realizing the ‘sell out’.

There are techniques to clean the glasses of the less open minded and heartfelt, but it requires a conscious, discerning choice to seek them out. Success as measured by society in the outer world is merely a ‘game’ with no real winning. Winning is finding the Christ or Buddha within you, and then helping others to do the same. Freedom, ‘real freedom’ is only within. That on the outside is fleeting. The inner knowing of who you really are activates a deep blessing, and love for life that can not be bought or attained in the outer world. Reach in deep to then reach out far and wide. Kill the sheeple within, and be who you really are ON YOUR OWN!

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