Right Use of Religion

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Right Use of Religion
July 21, 2011
Religions all emanate from a time before all of today’s modern technology from ‘lights’, printing capabilities, computers, and infinite new information on ways to evolve spiritually or consciously. Religions all have important facets to them which are universally important to the higher workings of humans. Beliefs and faith are necessary for most in the development of a human’s life. All religion is a ‘stepping stone’ to the ‘doors’ of more, infinite revelations that hone the path of love and life in this mysterious existence.  Those with positive curiosity about the other side of all beliefs, which by definition are doubts, may have the courage to be seekers beyond what is written in the holy books.

I have been perceived as against religion, but instead see it’s need at this time to some degree. All, especially the young, should be encouraged to question all ‘authority’ in a healthy way to ascertain its truth, be it religion, politics, or anyones authority. In a way, to move beyond the accepted norm of belief in anything requires ‘artful’ pursuit, and with compassion for those who choose not to. Life is best ‘used’ as a process to reach closer and closer to truths not only within, but throughout the society in general.

Always know that many concepts as well as material things, even pharmaceutical drugs, come with a sales pitch to benefit the seller who may or may not believe, or know their value. Having been a salesman from 11 years old with newspapers, later for printing presses, and then on Wall St., I fully realize the need to find the positives of what one ‘sells’ compared to other options. The ‘best salesmen’ can even sell a god or heaven that is very different in reality than they eagerly, and perhaps somewhat innocently, purport. Many so called ‘truths’ are relative, and upon examination fail to meet the criteria for universal agreement of logic and common sense even if millions ‘believe’. Belief has nothing to do with what’s true, but it may be a lucky ‘belief’ that will prove to be ‘true’.

Likely, there is nothing under the sun virtually, that hasn’t been replaced from ‘old times’ or modified, and updated with some aspects still relevant, but others not. Doing my ‘free speech show’ the other day, a middle age ‘out of towner’ man who passed one of my writings entitled, ‘Religions Have Abused All Women’ (with a further written explanation), stopped and said angrily, ‘that’s not true! Read the bible and you’ll see’. At that point I pointed across the street to one of the greatest bookstores in the world filled with the latest and best books from spiritual seekers of mostly the past 1/2 century or so, telling him that more and deeper, contemporary answers are available to questions never answered with or without clarity in any ancient holy book or bible. Being a ‘believer’ he didn’t want to see the other side of ‘belief’ which is doubt. Develop and follow the passion of curiosity to seek beyond all things written for ultimately truth is never in books. Keep the eyes, mind, and heart wide open to see beyond the infinite veils that cloud truths.

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