Devolution in Texas

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Devolution in Texas


July 24, 2011
The surrender of human inner power of evolvement to a ‘rif raf’ existence cast between unquestioned belief systems, too much beer, and a pickup truck with a rifle in the back window is a waste of precious life. Why ‘cast’ yourself as a wanderer though life focused on just survival, and every amusement known to 21st century man? Man has fallen so low in the dark abysses of existence that he cannot make any connections, any bridges with anyone, especially himself.

Goose stepping to the beat of the ‘bottom feeders of life’ takes no amount of discernment for conscious choices that are always available. Up until recent years, life was primarily about survival, and providing for the next generations growth to do the same thing ad infinitum. With the explosion of technology accompanied by mass education in institutions of higher learning, it seems logical to assume that people could realize that they are free to move beyond survival, and explore the inner being where all all life’s marvels reside, like love and compassion.

Instead, humans let themselves be distracted by all the ‘window shopping’ experiences that there are to view, from traveling, movies, shopping, sports, drugs, cyber games and porno – the list seems endless. Making love while listening to your ‘Ipod’ with the TV on is to miss the deep inner experiences of love. Just skimming over the surfaces of life is not only shallow, but symptomatic of a certain disrespect for the opportunities that life has given you. Life’s outer experiences are important, and do contribute on the surface to the inner, but even more valuable is to nurture the amazing qualities inside that are just ‘seeds’ waiting for care and attention. We are all Buddhas or Christs but for having nurturing the invisible ‘miracles’ ready to blossom inside.

Is the world going to hell in a handbasket? Humanity has collectively not evolved much since the neanderthals thousands of years ago. Any appearances of evolvement, pales by comparison to the evolvement of technology, and infinite aids to assist people in climbing out of the dark ages into positive behaviors and self love. New ‘outer’ advancements, and achievements are merely a smokescreen to mask comparable inner non growth. More and more people are ‘pumped up’ by endless drugs to hide real inner growth. It appears humans are so embarrassed by their ‘internal maladies’ that they think cloaking them with an inner plastic surgery of pills, will obviate them from having to exert the ‘old fashioned effort to rehabilitate naturally. The greatest opportunity in history to personally blossom, and assist others in making it a more conscious planet is here now! It all comes down to your choice!

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