Satan Runs the Vatican

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Satan Runs the Vatican


July 20 2011
Those who ‘believe’ are those who are souls lost in the dark ether trapped in the prison of their fragile mind.  Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, or whatever name given to the ‘negatives’ that cloud us is merely a choice that we allow ourselves to perceive. Beliefs are systems handed down from man’s desire to manipulate and control others out of his own fears, ignorance, and greed. Satanic energy runs all religions by doing good to cover the ‘diabolical’. ‘My way or the highway’ in whatever form is another method of entrapping the weak by dangling the benefits over not accepting them.

Belief is a good option for starters, but a state that silently transforms you, and becomes a space of acceptance with no questioning. The other side of all belief is doubt. We should always look, and acknowledge the presence of both sides. Blind belief or faith destroys the faculties for questioning and discerning that we as humans are uniquely blessed with. There are no new beliefs, just either ancient ones, or the recreation, and different spin on the old to sell as new. It’s easier for the non questioning to have a ‘track’ all laid out to endlessly interpret, and become attached to.

Belief in a system of religion is a ‘fog’ covering reality hidden in plain site but impossible to see when clinging to the glasses for only one way. Now that Islam is pushing into the West with relentless attempts to sell and convert all, millions of gullible non questioning souls will allow themselves to be taken over while denying that they were. Belief has good elements as does Satan. Belief and Satan are sleights of hand in a way to capture the vulnerable through fear, ignorance, and promises of greater love now and a beautiful after life. Satanism is telling what appears to be truth, but twisting it to conquer control of one’s mind and heart within certain limits that keep feeding those who ‘sell it’.

Lucifer or Satan is like a fog that creeps in, and puts you into a slumber much like being drugged. That energy vacuums in to the vulnerable mind especially of the young, who are not fully ‘brain developed’ to see the tentacles of the poison drug. Once the satanic belief deepens, an impenetrable wall of resistance protects the underlying fears to have the courage to denounce having been mistaken. Evil, or the negative of ‘beliefs’, are cloaked in enchanting scriptures and words that are out of sync, and partly in sync with what’s of common sense and the healthiest information available for leading a life of high consciousness. All ‘holy books’ have been replaced by many far superior, relevant works as guides to consciousness. It starts with questioning what’s being fed to you by any religion and it’s precepts. Your home is in the heart, and the place to return to with the awareness that is open to see infinitely beyond the invisible veils of the past and the moment.

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