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SAVE Our Troops?

July 19, 2011
The means to a ‘noble and just end’ must always be questioned for modification, or makeover into the most conscious way. Any form of violence must never be used to reach a high conscious goal unless there is no other way. ‘Support our troops’ has become a mindless mantra in America where millions are ‘zoned out’ with a ‘feel good phrase’ that was well intended, but has lulled people into mass compliance with little action to protest the meaninglessness of our 100’s of billions spent not for our ‘freedoms’, but for greed. The price to pay for all the millions affected by maiming, killing, ‘permanent chemical damage’, and psychological impairment, is unconscionable.

Spinning truth into a fulfillment for unnecessary self gratification, regardless if it’s a mass decision to follow suit, is nothing but crossing into the ‘seven deadly sins’ web of evil. The world is filled with ‘hucksterism’ with millions trying to sell what they have with little or no regard for it’s use. The ‘unconscious and non compassionate’ enabling the same type of receiver to pass on the unconsciousness to others mindless lack of discernment of consequences is abominable. Justification for wrong behavior is easily accessible to the ‘negative thinking mind’.

Always ‘mass actions’ to support a cause coming from a higher authority that spins ‘reward with guilt of non compliance’, must be given the greatest examination of it’s value for all. The ‘inner search’ for what is called God by any name is valueless if the outward actions are not in synchronicity. There is a saying that, ‘fools rush in where angels fear to tread’. The saying is used as a ‘warning’ prior to sealing romance into an institution called marriage, but is applicable everywhere that there is motive, and gain to someone else. Always question if those at the ‘top of asking for your compliance’ are doing ‘what’s asked’ from the highest possible realms of choices.

Much of the economy of the world is built on lies and greed. Likewise most lives squirm in lies whether they be omission, denial, trickery, ignorance, or any other method to better obtain what is sought. Be aware of different values that people place on objectives. Many, including aspects of the government, have lesser than values of high spiritual consciousness. You may not be embraced by the masses for seeking, and creating the truth, and the real – for the crowds are programmed or ‘suckered in’ to believe the ‘pablum’ of those who are willing to use any unconscious, unjust means to achieve a nobel agenda. Always seek the truth, and take the highest roads as an example for others to follow. Positive change happens spontaneously only when the ‘few’ combine to manifest the highest ways. Each harvests what they sow! Arhata

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