Panhandling for Love

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Panhandling for Love


July 16, 2011
It might come as a shock to you, but looking for love like a beggar panhandling on the street is a way usually to ‘avoid love’. Life can be shocking! Lack of love has it’s own type of shock, hence  the pain of refusal or ‘nada’ for heart fulfillment. Panhandling with ‘expectations’ creates a sense of anger or bitterness toward life. Life is moving on regardless of your frustration that it’s not giving you what you want. Fact of the matter, it’s you who are not giving enough of what’s necessary to receive that which needs in a way to be ‘unexpected’.

Assuming an ‘entitlement’ for love, and it’s many manifestations from others, is merely an attachment to a self  non fulfilling desire. No one is guaranteed love who doesn’t give it, and even then one must let go the the feeling that you deserve it. Don’t be in conflict with your dreams and desires, especially if you’re not in a situation to have some of them fulfilled. Not having them fulfilled creates not only frustration but the opportunity to see that you need to drop living life being attached to ‘hopes and dreams’ that are unrealistic, and the cause of creating emotional and mental anguish, and perhaps perversions.

In the early 1500’s, a Spanish explorer by the name of Ponce de Leon sailed to the state of Florida.  There is a legend that he was seeking a spring with waters having the power of restoring youth. Of course he found no ‘fountain of youth’ but was instead attacked by native Indians, and was soon to find his mission to end in his premature death from wounds of an arrow. Chasing dreams, and illusory projections of fantasy can have imperiling consequences. De Leon had been better off staying in Madrid, Spain and looking, or panhandling for love, or satisfaction of lust than eternal life!

The ‘secret to love’s fulfillment’ is hidden in everyones open heart. It’s just about finding the key to open the heart to oneself, and the gratification of being alive to seek the mysteries within. There are only 2 paths to open the heart – love or meditation. Either one disperses or eliminates the need to ‘panhandle’ for love because when the heart is open, existence provides in a myriad of ways. Meditation is the flight alone to the heart while love coming from self love blossoms in connection with another seeking the same.
Once the ‘door of love is open fully’, love reverberates from the ‘fountain of love within’. Arhata

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