Moonstruck Sojourn

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Moon Struck Sojourn
Early Morning Moon
July 19, 2011
The moon is a reminder to rise above the forays down below. Stay above the clouds, and the moods of the days weather. Early this morning in my pre dawn long walk, I looked through the moving clouds to see the eternal full moon reminding me that beyond the illusion of darkness, and weary clouds rises another world oblivious to the moods below. As I continued my meditation walk miles up and down the winding road under that moody sky, soon the dawn broke. Thousands of birds began chirping in the imposing 200 foot cedar and fir trees lining the road.

Soon a reminder of life’s miracles changed the skies into pink clouds, and the rising sun. Life’s nature on the outer just happens, displaying it’s many changing shows oblivious of the opinions of the residents of planet earth. Likewise, you have clouds of changing moods within you, but unlike nature, you have the choice to change them, accept them, commiserate in them, see beyond them, etc. You cannot change nature but you do have the choice to look out from within with a different perspective.

A common sense secret to enhancing one’s life and love is to place yourself in the best ‘situation’ possible. Living in a little rundown desert town expecting to find culture unless you’ve already had enough is pointless. The situation has to lend itself to what you seek unless you want to live alone like a monk. I have a beautiful charming friend in NYC who was turning 45 last year, struggling, living in a small studio with a boyfriend that she has mixed feeling about, and with 2 dogs. Here in this Northwest spiritually minded town, we have a beautiful ‘live in Meditation Center’ that she wisely picked as that right ‘situation’ where she has come to meditate, go inside herself without pressure of a big city, and an unhappy living environment. ‘Situation’ is a place to grow best! Examine your situation on all levels to see if you are in harmony with giving yourself the breaks you deserve.

Life is a high conscious ‘sojourn’ by choosing to seek the riches of inner bliss. The rewards are within love, and life that are far removed from the mundane selection of just meeting life’s obstacles, and ‘rowing against the tides’. The highest state is to become a ‘sojourner of truth’, and that comes easiest when one lets go of obstacles to relax and go inside to move beyond the shadows of the masquerades. Seek the ‘inner’ of who you are when in high consciousness  – for that is you. Assume it’s a ‘one life stand’ on earth and live it in the highest!

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