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Inner & Outer Activism


July 15, 2011
Prayer can be for the ignorant. When doing meditation groups, I always suggest that anyone work on knowing themselves such as with the aid of meditating, but unlike the past ‘spiritual leaders’, who encouraged withdrawing from the world, I suggest being active in it. Rather than being an ‘Arhat’ or monk withdrawing from the world to be with himself in a cave enjoying a blissful state, you should see that the world needs the ‘light’. Not only the ‘light’, but the active participation of the loving, and aware to help transform it into a planet of light, and consciousness where people actually do live in peace.

In 1912, a passenger ship called the Titanic struck an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean, and sunk with the majority of the passengers going down with her. There were three types of people on board the Titanic. The first were people who were like ‘deer in the headlights’, and froze in denial that the ship was going to sink. The second group were the ‘activists’ who recognized the problem, and found ways to save themselves along with a few of the ‘deer type’. The third group were those that totally denied the panic, and went up into the lounge to drink.

The world as it is, is sinking. Which of the group would you be in? Most are in groups one and three. Darwin’s survival of the fittest is certainly applicable here. Those in consciousness, and willing to be active, and preparing to change the situation will have the best chance of survival. The world is facing continuing growth of people, and a finite supply of what it takes to keep humankind alive in the numbers that grow as if it doesn’t matter. People are generally in denial thinking that prayer, and ignoring what’s going on in the world will be enough to take them through life’s illusions.

The ‘active conscious’ will of course save themselves first, but not have the resources or attention of the two groups to help save them too. Tomorrow is today, and the day of unconsciousness in the form of praying and denial that it will go away no longer will work without conscious activism. It’s time to take an oar, and help row with others who are waking up from the illusive world that they’ve slid into of denial, greed, lust, sloveness, ignorance, and general apathy. It’s time to balance with finding the inner love for yourself, and at the same time becoming aware, and discerning in all outer phenomenon. Without that balance, there will be no use of ‘inner sanctums’ as the ‘outer’ will drown all. Be courageous, and search for answers to knowing the inner you, as well as helping others become aware the same way, looking for best answers for a harmonious world.

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