Frozen Religion Meal

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Frozen Religion Meal

photoJuly 13, 2011

Over 1/2 a million ‘herders of the sheeple’ sell thoughts at a certain time weekly, where the sheeple gather in a pen called a church, mosque, or temple to recharge. Messages from antiquity are packaged neatly in books that apparently, billions assume are better messages than many of the spiritually adept put out today. Those messages from many centuries ago allegedly are superior to what’s known, and experienced today inspite of the average life expectancy back then to be 40 something at best. In a real sense, time was frozen to feed the hungry today what very, very few were blessed to see before the printing press was invented. Did it matter? Who could read, or understand even the spoken word as no one even finished the equivalent of ‘high school’.

It’s a beautiful thing to see people who open their hearts in innocence to imbibe
god’s word! It’s even more beautiful to see those who open not only the hearts by the spirit of the mind and the heart in harmony to seek the truths of life’s mysteries. Energy that just collects in the mind with no companionship but the heart of greed, is a blasphemy to the wonders of godliness that fills the world and beyond.

Words from another long ago time have been frozen for use in the dawning of a new time. Frozen scriptures like frozen dinners from a ‘supermarket’ can sustain the hungry, but for those too preoccupied, and not discerning enough to seek fresh, healthy foods from the ‘here and now’. Religion is a ‘package meal’ frozen in time to be thawed out beginning with the advent of Gutenberg’s printing press in 1440 AD, years after they were ‘scrolled’ for only a tiny percentage of the populace then who were learned enough to be fed to.

The crowd wants you to be obedient, to believe what is presented as from authority, and none is higher than a ‘makeshift god’ that has little to do with the real meaning of the word. You need to learn to be defiant, and question what is presented as truth, particularly if there is an agenda behind it. If someone is saying something that you feel a deep inner rapport with, a harmony – then say ‘yes’ – otherwise say no, and seek the answer until there is a ‘yes’. We have entered an age because of the advancing technology to make everything easier, question whether it’s really ‘a frozen packaged deal’ for the masses desire for quick consumption from food to supposed answers to every discomfort and fear. TV dinners ‘microwaved’ are not the best meal! Likewise, thoughts from ‘religious salesmen’ are not the quality that your seeking mind, and heart can come up with. No religion is necessary to arrive at a state of a Jesus or a Buddha, but meditation or a deep love.

Society tries in every way to be obedient, humble, and meek. This is not the way of spiritual growth – this is the way of ‘fast food religion’ and spiritual suicide!

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