Tuning In

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Tuning In

July 10, 2011
For things to go right, one has to ‘tune in’. Everything in life has a ‘frequency’ for maximum ‘tuning in’. One’s vehicle has to be in tune to run efficiently. The garden has to be tuned in to enough sun, water, fertilizer to procreate and blossom. Strangers remain strangers when they are ‘estranged from one another’s harmonious communication.

All of life has to be fine tuned, and in a sense a love arises, then that needs fine tuning (which in rare cases is automatic) to reach the highest levels where on a personal level, ‘unconditional’ devotional love is activated. ‘Out of tune’ doesn’t make any instrument, like a piano melodious, as it also doesn’t any relationship, even with a stranger. Imagine a 100 piece orchestra with everyone playing their independent version of a piece! ‘Sound Healing’, which we do here at the Yesss center, harmonizes and balances ones connecting energy points to minimize negative energies, and maximize’s those that heal, and refreshes one. Most cultures, or countries are at odds with all others. Speaking different tongues, languages, or dialects, makes tuning in near impossible.

‘Judgments in error’ happen when one hasn’t seen a person, or thing, from all perspectives, particularly with people in how they view themselves. People are likely not ‘tuned in to their own high consciousness’, and tuning in erroneously to the lack of the same is a bumpy road of conflict. Partners of love enter into a space of ‘requirement’ to reach the ultimate heights of love’s potential. Dropping the ‘tuning in’ is to relegate a connection to ‘functional’ at best. Love is a ‘delicate energy’ without the deep inner explosion that likely doesn’t happen for lack of seeking a synchronicity.

Tune in and accept all the negative and positives in life, and with equanimity – choicelessly. Remain non-judgmental, just be a quiet witness to all. See deeply from all angles dispassionately. Tuning in is just getting on the frequency, like finding a station on the radio, to illuminate clearly the truth of what is to see on the focused object of interest. Any thing ‘out of tune’ is out of touch with it’s beauty or usefulness. The earth is perfectly in tune within the solar system for life to flower. A slight variation would destroy life on earth. It’s amazing to see what transpires when one focuses on anything without judgment, and sees what marvels and blessing emerge like magic! It’s a feng shui of life, and love in perfect harmony. Tune in – turn on!! Arhata

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