Mary – Daughter of God

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Mary – Daughter of God

July 7, 2011
The ‘resurrection’ of souls is the ‘birth’ of an individual. From the invisible into the visible shall
prepare for the second coming, which is you in a raised consciousness. It has been written that a
young Jewish man named Jesus came into the world for the salvation of souls through his death
on the cross, and his resurrection on the third day. Jesus ‘unveiled’ in Acharya S’s Who was Jesus
– Fingerprints of the Christ, exposes from behind the secret veils of Christianity, the known historical
facts that will unveil what most in the Christian world have taken on faith, and belief without any
cursory questionings.

In case you haven’t caught on, wherever you look, deception as a means to an end (‘what end’, is mysterious!)
has continued to go ‘viral’. Now ‘deception’ is not a ‘politically correct word’, instead opting for phrases
meaning the same as, ‘not all the facts were known’, sources are not clear, etc., are more in ‘vogue’.
As an ex corporate salesman, I learned the ‘art of spinning’ the truth, however what I sold didn’t need
much of a spin?! Politicians and religious salesmen are ‘masters’ at the art of saying what you need, and want
to hear to mollify your fears.

Lying has become an art dating back before the first scrolled holy books to gather the sheep into a flock
for to manage, and prosper for the ‘herder or controller’ who masqueraded under many names to fit the
mind of the times. In a way, it’s a natural reaction of the insecure, greedy, non conscious mind who often
has something he wants to keep secret, ‘secret’. Little, innocent, white lies told children, coupled with fear
of punishment for not covering up the truth, conditions and programs the mind to find it convenient throughout
adulthood, even to a loved one.

To identify god as some being, all seeing, judging controller of everything out there among millions of
universes is to identify yourself as a neanderthal caveman who knows little more than a pet dog does
about life. We have slipped into a new era where ‘caveman’ mentalities, although accepted by their
likeness, are to be buried while the rise of a new human in consciousness emerges. God had no sons or
daughters because the meaning of this ‘all reverent, threatening word’ is at best a hoax to manipulate the
‘challenged’. God is just a convenient word to encapsulate what’s not understood into 3 letters for the
advantage of those who use it to manipulate. Does ‘god’ have another more all inclusive meaning?
Of course! Arhata

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