Devotion Emotion

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Devotion Emotion
July 8, 2011
Submitting to another who gives, and receives devotion is to saddle next to godliness. Words become
mere interpretations of an overwhelming feeling of bliss and joy. Learning, and an awakening of the
spirit within come from the pure innocence of the joy of giving to any with the heart to receive. The
devoted seeks nothing but the opportunity to give, and give to one, or those with a higher purpose of life,
without calculating the self benefit. The heart is the stimulus, and guide to the heights of the euphoric
feelings from serving.

Devotion is the path of surrender, and the highest form of love. Devotion is feminine, but possible for both
male and female. It may, or may not involve unconditional commitment to one in love! Devotion has it’s
own unique display of itself. Devotion defies all logic, rationality, and common sense way of choosing to live,
but has it’s own rationality. It is a path of love that rises beyond it in an unconditional awareness and love.
There is no turning back from this deep abyss that fills the being with an eternal feeling, and energy to
continue serving the positives of life. Devotion creates a totalness of freedom never before felt swirling in
the heart, and mind with no doubts.

On a clear day, with a gentle breeze, and nothing to do, with no thoughts, a sense of devotion to the joys of life
may occur. A total trust in existence comes almost blindly. You feel like dancing in freedom while letting go
of all that binds you to the fences of indecision. In devotion to a person, they become more important than you,
far removed from the intellectual that cannot really trust authentically. The intellect is always searching for proof,
rarely trusting. The intellect needs constant verification that love is real. I once experienced love with a particular
very bright, but insecure girl, who constantly needed a verbal consent that I really loved her. For me, it was easy
to love her. For her, it really was about not being sure of loving herself.

Rolling the dice in life, moving here and there, up and down, wondering who you are, is a trap from the deeper
meanings that are available to all – hidden in plain sight. It’s easy to miss life’s virtues, and slide into just existing.
Kick it in gear, try meditation or moving into a letting go, and slipping into a state of emotion with devotion
where surrender happens mysteriously. Arhata

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