Wives Need Male Friends

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Wives Need Male Friends

June 21, 2011
No woman with a man needs to be shut off from other male friends! Possessiveness has it’s limits! All women deserve the same personal rights as men. Only in recent years, and primarily in ‘westernized countries’, have females been gaining rights at work, and in society generally. An often overlooked area is in personal situations where women are assumed to be only friendly with other women, thereby isolating them from a balanced, healthy perspective of life, and its many vicissitudes.

People ‘partnering’, for ostensibly life, are often lured into the situation by a variety of factors including pressure from the other partner, or without really knowing either what they want, or what the other partner is really like on a day to day basis. A coupling lifestyle often gets caught up in routines that make personal contacts with both sexes difficult except in limiting work situations. The wife going out with a ‘girlfriend’ has been, at best, standard. Sometimes spending quality time with the opposite sex other than your partner is a healthy way to get another perspective that might enhance a more compassionate, open, evolving marriage.

For all written history (his-story) females have been slaves for men, joy toys, and receptacles for their transference of lineage to satisfy their egos. In most of the world today, women are still those afore mentioned. In China, for example, where the government dictates that there be one child per couple, females are often aborted, or adopted out to the eager westerners who benefit the couple with a substantial monetary award. Female abuse often happens in homes when both the male and female came from a serial lineage of family abuse stretching back to perhaps the ‘beginning’ of time.

The thing that differentiates humans from animals is the ability to make infinite choices that lead to a high conscious life of immeasurable inner growth. Yet, rare is the human currently who seeks to attain a higher state of consciousness, instead opting for chasing the outer desires. Males and females need to create new roles outside of the programmed stereo types that are passed from generation to generation, and supported by society. Two partners should come together as ‘one mind and heart’ creating a third being as an ‘us’ where there is no separation that favors one over the other. The choice available is harmonious living with no ownership of the other where freedoms are mutually expressed with compassion for the others desires.

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