Slots for God

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Slots for God

July 6, 2011
Sunday morning driving on the West Coast Highway 101, I pass a Casino with a parking lot filled with about
300 cars! Coming back that evening, it’s still filled with cars along the roadsides. The Native American Indians
had no idea of Jesus or Muhammed when the white man arrived. They had their own unique way of paying
homage to the spirits. Now, growing quietly in America is the the new ‘Indian’ religion – Casino gambling! Of
course it’s not just the Native Americans, but ‘on-line internet’ communing with god, and gambling as well as
places like Las Vegas, Branson, Mo., Atlantic city, cruise liners, casinos in small towns, everywhere! Chips off
the ‘old bloc’, meaning god?

Tithing 10% to the church of your choice is now being practiced by 10’s of millions involving billions of dollars changing
hands at the gambling concerns. Inspite of this, it seems as the opportunities for growth in consciousness are happening
unprecedentedly, but sadly while unconsciousness is growing faster than our national debt. Religions have clearly failed
to keep consciousness in check. Perhaps the little tried method of finding oneself, and the love within ought be given
a tryout.

Religions have failed to motivate their ‘believers’ to seek beyond the ‘boiler plate’ information from their holy books, that
have become like a droning ‘white sound’ to millions. I have rarely found a believer in any religion to express themselves
in a language that’s of their own choosing beyond, ‘quips or dribble’ that are standard expressions. It’s similar to people
who say ‘I love you’ with little feeling behind the words. Excitement in church is when everyone exits with a handshake,
or a two second hug with the standard paddy cake on the back.

That ‘god father’ up there in the sky must be a misinterpretation unless he’s too drugged out to make a difference.
On the Christian side, we got most of them looking to gambling as more fun than going to church. On the Muslim side,
we got more sheeple down on their knees for lack of any place to divert their attention, and praying for all sinners
of other faiths to cross over to Allah so they won’t have to show them premature hell. Attachments out of some form
of fear seem to be everywhere, even clinging to concepts perceived as love. Love blossoms when there is no attachment.
Live as if there is a god watching you, and allow your higher self to set a path of love and compassion.

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