75 – the ‘New 35’?!

75 – the ‘New 35’?!


June 27, 2011
Are we all really the same age hidden in plain sight, but with different ‘outer clothing’ due in part to when we were born? It’s time we stop, and look at age differently, as to what advantages come with different times of our lives. Inventions of the material are usually created by the younger. Wisdom and money are the domain of the older. Life is about growing in wisdom, and the majority older who are short on it, but not on cash, need to use whatever wisdom they have to embellish those who have the wisdom to make a difference in the qualities of life.

As people reach the ‘Senior Citizen’ ages they usually have hours more time for whatever they want to do, than those younger. Young adults, in the beginning, are burdened with infinite responsibilities from school, long work hours, hormonal relief, experimentation, spending money, fighting wars, raising kids, relationship battles, endless mistakes, and so forth. There is little time to make a difference in social contributions that can make it a better world of thought, compassion, and positive action.

The ‘elder’ on the other hand, need not become so identified with their aging bodies, but to realize that we are all the same age inside, be it with different imprinting from experiences. Sitting home doing nothing but watching TV or going off to the ‘gambling casino’ or ‘bingo gathering’ to waste precious money that can be used to make it a better world, is to waste the best opportune time in life to make a differences in lives that in turn will later make more of a quality difference. Youth is to gain wisdom to later use it for the well being of others. Old people need to have an ‘attitude check’ to see that they are really a valuable resource, and not a ‘Fort Knox closed for an extended holiday’ for both money, compassion, and active assistance for those that need it to make it a more conscious world.

The only real retirement is when you slip out of the aging body. Older people are ‘meant to retry’, not to focus on ‘retirement’. This is not the time in life to sit around, and feed the birds or lament over time having passed before doing this or that. Now is the time to get off the sofa, and ‘rock and roll’ for the welfare of others. Many older may be here for longer than they think, and to finally feel useful, is a good way to part this dimension. Why give time and money to where it’s not going to make a difference other than in momentary, soon forgotten pleasure. You are an extension of godliness, and godliness has the wisdom to bring in more consciousness on the planet. The best resource for positive change on the planet is conscious, compassionate wisdom which is accessible to all paying attention. Use the heart to help.

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