Water Boarding God

Water Boarding God

June 25, 2011
Is God as thick, or as much of a numbskull as most people? One thing for sure, people are ‘thick’ when it comes to changing habits that belie their unconsciousness as Fort Knox is with its thick barriers to prevent thieves from borrowing money. If ‘water boarding’, which the US military uses to get secrets out of alleged terrorists, doesn’t work well for them, how would it even possibly work on people too resistant to clear up their insane programming? If people can’t get over their false interpretation of the word ‘god’, how can we possibly expect those same ones to let go of false programming, bad habits, etc., it seems even ‘water boarding’ wouldn’t work.

I just got off the phone with a former glamour chick who is like my ‘patient’. She’s on her way to see if another doctor can give her pain medication for a stiff neck from a fall, likely from drinking or smoking, and not watching where she was going. On a higher level, how many like her don’t watch where they are going with their bad habits that close the door of consciousness? From all observation, it appears that people actually love their habits so much that they’re not willing to sort out the negative ones, expecting others to accept them as they are. The ‘unconscious mind’ is like the thief who says they didn’t realize something belonged to another.

We must sometimes judge others for they often won’t accept the responsibility to do it for themselves, choosing instead to ignore the harm to themselves, and to others. Compassionate ‘judging’ is godly. We are all extensions of godliness with a choice to ignore that, and instead give occasional thought to an illusory god ‘out there’. Avoidance/displacement of reality creates negative karma that the unaware are unable to put the ‘dots’ together for ‘why things happen’.

With ‘former glamour chick’, it’s a question of programmed ‘entitlement’ that came from men bumping into each other to lay down their coats over a puddle that might get her feet wet. ‘Entitlement’ is an illusion for the giver and taker that shrivels up as time goes on, but usually not the bad habits that came from it. Self observation, and an openness to helpful criticism from others is more of a ‘Savior’ than a misperceived, imaginary god in the sky who forgives at the drop of a shallow, meaningless request. Don’t look in the mirror that lies, but the one that tells the truth. Everybody gets a sack lunch of love each morning to keep them alive, but the real meal of love doesn’t come to those with bad habits that close the divine gifts of awareness or deep love. Life ‘water boards’ those not paying attention to the the secrets of life within. If you’re not feeling the blessings of your heart, seek the ‘doctor within’. Arhata

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