Jews Need Love

Jews Need Love


June 18, 2011
Casting aspersions against Jews is foolhardy at best. Jews like any other group, or ideology are made up of all sorts of personalities. Love has many levels, and loving all people at one level, or another is the human thing to do. The ‘inside scoop’ is that all people are a ‘tabula rasa’ underneath the layers of what could be called personality or programming. If I had to pick one lineage that is not only more loving, and that I love more than any other, it would be the jews high in consciousness mentally and emotionally. Of course, like all ‘groupings’, there are the ‘bottom feeders’ that unfortunately play a significant role in defining them. Jews have their fair share of those, and because of the ‘high profile’ of the jews, as well as high standards that they are held to, all jews are sometimes cast to be like the ‘negative ones’ as what the jews are like, particularly by more negative people.

My great grandfather was a jew in Sweden, and mixed with a non jew Swede. Nationalities, or groups of like minded people, are often very inbred (like Italians, Asians, Swedes, etc.) making for uniqueness that sets them apart. However, not all the inbreeding creates positive characteristics. Germans for example are regarded as ‘smart’ but also ‘warlike’. Jews are a small group relative to the rest of the world, and have had some of the most inbreeding. It seems that any group that mixes with another produces offspring that are healthier, and more resilient than a closed breeding.

All people need love, few are seemingly able to give, and receive a high quality of it. Most have ‘shields or barriers’ from their inbreeding, and culture that they are rarely able to detach from. Jews are not the exception, but when they are, I’ve never encountered more giving and loving people, however, those are rarely not mixed with a very different group. Several years ago while meeting many people, five teenage jewish girls came to ask me what I thought of jewish people. I immediately asked them if they were humans first, or jews first expecting the answer to be ‘humans’ so I could give a nice opinion of jews. To my shock that said in unison, ‘we are jewish first’, and their was no backing down!

The attachment to any ideology above being human is detrimental to humanity, and contributing to the problem in the world today. The ‘litmus test’ of a conscious being is to be free of attachment to identifications. I personally am not proud of being an American or of Swedish, Jewish heritage with a little German thrown in. It is what it is, and to recognize it non seriously is fine. I’m not even sure of identifying with the human race for all it’s mixtures of good and horrible. Being ‘proud’ to be any ‘label’ is one of the ‘seven deadly sins’, that one being ‘pride’ which often creates at least one other deadly sin called ‘greed’. The spiritual, conscious way is to be pure ‘you’ as a free, compassionate, loving entity, and to spread that blessing! Arhata

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