Hi Manitenance Love

Hi Maintenance Luv


June 23, 2011
… Is the roller coaster of something resembling love with a partner who needs ‘meds’ to cope but has forgotten them. High maintenance love is like having a bucket that keeps finding a hole in it. Living hooked to a ‘bungie cord’ that resembles getting dangled arbitrarily over a bridge is ultimately only for the ‘stupid’. Getting a ‘thing for you’, trying everything to make it work, is often fruitless behavior of what you’ll never do for anything else. Always it’s time to freeze the good memories, and catch the train out of the bad memories that readjust the body and soul. There is no freedom in a heart that clings to it’s hurts, or ironically a mind that finds ways to hide, or ignore the hurts (medicate?).

A recipe for ‘hurting love’ is to give where it’s rotating between ‘nothing and everything’. Few people have met themselves yet, but look to meet another who hasn’t either. Two people who haven’t risen in inner love with themselves and finding each other, is a train wreck waiting to happen. Not loving yourself, and wanting it from another is an example of love’s greed that doesn’t give back. Love is a fussy thing when it comes to wanting all or nothing, but is often caught between agony and pleasure.

Anyone divided against themselves is not going to find the ‘love glue’ from another, who is likely another ‘broken wing of love’. Love in it’s chameleon form of changing with the winds of alternating moods, is nothing but a chaotic mixture for pleasure and pain never ending. Most are not raised with the warm love that is needed for inner happiness, but ‘love mixed with hidden unresolved parents issues’. Leaving the ‘nest of childhood’ is an opportunity to fill in the cracks for an even stronger, loving you, but ego keeps one from seeing the picture that is, and can be.

Four paths in life: 1- Sheeple who are controlled by outside forces often not knowing it;
2 – Profiteers, or those who justify their accumulation of money as not greed, and are the wolves among sheeple; and, the only true, pure paths 3 – Meditation – path of the alone to the alone where love of self can be found; 4 – Love path – is another from of meditation but in conjunction with another. Each path is fraught with dangers, the first two being a waste of waiting millions of years to be here with every opportunity to evolve into a ‘high conscious love being’. ‘High maintenance’ is a teacher in what to avoid, and not how to be working all the time at fixing what can’t or won’t be fixed. Let go in submission, and a surrender may happen in meditation/love if you’re not too busy working on the ‘maintenance’. Life and love flows when you pay attention, and submit to ‘high consciousness’. Everything is an opportunity. Learn it soon, and only once preferably. Rise to the invisible heights within yourself.

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