Mercy – Radiation Everywhere!

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Mercy – Radiation Everywhere!

June 16, 2011
Ground control to ‘unconsciousness’, we’ve got radiation everywhere, and very little love anywhere! What’s happening? Is the ‘radiation’ putting people to sleep without them knowing it? Is it time for an audition with your higher self to re-evaluate your personal priorities before their are daises over your head? Has your love been relegated to a duty? The mind loves to use anything ‘self gratifying’ to usurp the responsibility of love and compassion to fill the the mind rather than that which serves the unquenchable appetite of the devourous ego.

As consciousness grows, along with environmentally friendly technological products, and healthy organic foods, the opposite is still growing at a more all consuming pace to satisfy the greed for money, careless of the cost to the consumer until the product’s liabilities is met with growing attention of the more conscious. The ‘tack’ of unbridled consumerism is to push anything that makes money to market in hopes that those at the top of the pyramid make enough to fly or swim in champagne for the rest of their lives with no worries. Self regulation for the compassion of others is more and more on ‘mute control’ for voices of the conscious welfare of others.

A whole new booming industry has emerged as the ‘unconscious investor mind’ seeks whatever brings the gluttonous, illusional happiness from what they invest in. Cell phones are marketed by the billions before any sensible regulation happens to make them safe. Nuclear reactors, or new oil possessions come into the hands of the ‘profiteers’ ostensibly to benefit the consumer, yet utility prices keep going up as if oblivious to the purpose. Foods come from mass growing of chemicaled animals and produce, driven by profit that cares little for the effect on the masses, who, sadly, are generally too busy with their own gluttonous habits to see that ‘cheaper’ is really more expensive.

Meanwhile the ‘pharmaceutical industry’ is burgeoning in growth to keep up with new medicines for the ill effects that it’s other corporate divisions are perpetrating on the masses. It’s much like religion that creates ‘guilt and fear’ while it provides the illusionary bandaid cure from ancient outdated holy books. The tail of the unconscious capitalist, politician, and religious salesman is wagging the body of the masses that are vacillating up and down between unhealthy ecstasy and despair. All the while, those following the path of conscious discernment feel like Sisyphus pushing the huge rock of sensibility up the hill. Time for a revolution of the heart and mind into using the heart with common sense so you, and all can rise into an authentic life where love and real blessings can flourish. Can you influence your more discerning self? One light in the dark forest of unconsciousness can help others see too.

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