Sacred White Lies

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Sacred White Lies


June 15, 2011
All people lie. Deception, bullshit, omission, fudging or spinning truth, and ‘white lies’, sometimes being a protection from the truth, are some of them. Perhaps the greatest lie is, ‘I never lie’! Some people lie by making mountains out of mole hills that are basically a mixture of truth, and untruths to serve one’s ego. Fudging the truth is often a necessity to keep harmony with those who are in a reactive mode rather than spoil the peace. Lying can be positive or negative. Someone once told me that the 11th commandment was to avoid the truth, and I might add, ‘as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone’, and you would be ok with it if you were on the other end. Little white lies can be wonderful!

Ignorance is not infrequently, a poor excuse for what amounts to some form of lying. An example of this are ‘religious figures’ who stuff innocent, non questioning minds with information that supports their belief system when they either know, or don’t know, that it is filled with false realities. Exploiting others for your own benefit with information that is negated by other information sources that are more valid, is lying.

Not only do religious salesmen ‘stuff’ the air with illusions, but their ‘bed partners’ in the crime of lying, the politicians, do it even more for money, power, and ego. It’s always, so it seems, ok to tell ‘dark, deceptive lies’ that one is convinced serves the agenda that brings in more personal benefits. We, the humanity that suffers, are the inheritors of manipulation of minds, and need to be let free. It’s certainly up to the individual to free themselves, but the collective is so ‘dummed down’ in ignorance, fear, and distractions that in this time of incredible technological developments, they need greater vigilance, and the positive guidance of those who seek truth rather than the ‘lies’.

The intent is the key. To tell a lie for a surprise birthday has no intention to hurt anyone. Lies of the liar’s necessity to keep the lie going can be ‘lies begetting lies’ that paint one into a corner of deception. White lies are ‘white’ because they are from a ‘pure intent’, even a joke. Always seek to be clear. What’s behind more than white lies can use a ‘Spring Cleaning’ to unburden the heart and mind to a state of clarity, a cleanliness. The worst lies are the lies that hurt others, and lying to oneself is where it all starts. Be like nature that knows no lies, but the unfolding of it’s infinite expressions. Turn lies into truths, and be a pillar for truth where little white lies are expressions of love. Arhata

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