No Need to Work at Love

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No Need to Work at Love

June 16, 2011
The popular theory that love must be worked at is the opposite of what is true. Love is a natural state, and one of the only aspects of life that needs no work. Walking into a blackberry patch with it’s thorns, takes work in getting free of them. Conversely, having no thorns stuck in one, obviously, takes no work. Love released, and openly flowing, is a natural consequence of having no thorns of unresolved issues – those, may take work. Until the energy of the heart drifts up into the mind to silence that with the gift of the heart, there is no ‘peace in the valley of love’.

I know a couple that are friends who fight like roosters in a cock fight. Both are exceptionally very bright, and individually fascinating, however extremely unprepared for any real semblance of love’s grace. They endlessly blame each other, and ironically are correct (I’ve administered to each separately my ‘self love analysis’ and they each scored at the bottom for ‘love expression’). Do they need to work at love? No! They need to ‘manage’ their behavior until they can each get free, and see that a relationship is not for them ever without a serious ‘miracle’ that allows them to let go of ‘anti-love flotsam’ floating in their beings.

If there are 10 levels of enjoying life involving either being alone or with someone, a couple out of love, and hating their lot in the relationship is perhaps the worst. Being alone with friends and enjoying it, is near the top of the 10 levels. Life quality, and love quality is almost always a choice. The choices made need to start with an acceptance of the self that always is ‘pure’, and letting go of what causes resistance to that quality. Resistances come in many forms, from negative things that may have happened in childhood to circumstances chosen to allow a growth. I, for example came from a very small blue collar town, and had I not gone to a place like New York City after college (or another progressive area), would have fostered many impediments likely to both outer, and inner growth that are very hard to overcome in backward environments.

Love has it’s own power to correct all paths of life, all you have to do is focus on letting go of impediments, and be aware of that which adds to the power of the heart. The heart is the greater mind that without it’s talking to the mind, life is guaranteed to be up and down. No one wants to really be a ‘bottom feeder’ of life and love. Look at everything from the heart and awareness. There is a little book of meditations called ‘ meditations from the Orange Book’. The book has many meditations from over the centuries, and used successfully. It’s waiting for your use! “Meditation is neither a journey in space, nor a journey in time, but an instantaneous awakening.”

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