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Instant Positivity

June 11, 2011
The mind is a sponge that absorbs whatever comes it’s way without the filters opening to a positive mind and heart. Outside stimuli and inside interpretation work as a team. However, the inside can either be a converter for negative to positive possibilities or just a ‘follow the easiest route’ to letting the negative burn into the head which distributes it to other parts of the body. The negative mind acts as a sponge for attracting the negative, and even tainting the positive with negative shrapnel. The mind, like the body, responds to positive exercise. The lack thereof, responds as a sponge collecting ‘fat’.

People don’t become ‘positive people’ in an instant, but can decidedly think and act positive at any moment. There are recording devises in the brain both negative and positive in expression. The negative can be a bully that intimidates a weak positivity over and over throughout life gaining power unless checked by development of the positive aspect. In a sense, negative thoughts that won’t go away, are like a cancer of the mind, and can actually be a contributing cause of a physical manifestation. You are your thought and heart processes.

A hug, touch, smile, compliment or a love feeling instantly transforms you into a state of ‘feel good’. Be available also to give that to yourself particularly when you feel a bit negative, and don’t really feel like it. Not all negative thoughts or feelings are bad. Be able to be the watcher of them, accepting them as ways to expand the mind and heart to see that they might be necessary to move to the next higher space. Using any substance to block the feeling to get an ‘instant feel better’ is a negative use of ‘positivity’, and bury’s what could be a natural healing. Healings that hurt are often the opposite of the polarity that was a very positive experience perhaps even for a long time.

Burying unresolved fears and angers doesn’t go away with any magic wand, but can be managed in an instant when you stay in awareness. Remember how things have always changed before, and know they will. Get in the moment, expand your mind into nature or a state of love here and now. Think about what you are grateful for, there are infinite options for everyone be it the sun or that you awaken to a new day like clockwork. Seek techniques that are enjoyable to enter into a state where you are relaxed. Breath deeper for a few minutes slowly in a comfortable place, where thoughts will come up, but as you continue, the thoughts will begin to have more, and longer gaps between them. Meditation starts coming into you in the gaps. Thankfulness and a feeling of bliss or lightness will swirl within and around you. The best times are in the moment now. Empty out the past and the future while being in the moment.

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