Weiner’s Peep Show

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Weiner’s Peep Show


June 9, 2011
All humans at some point, if not from childhood to the grave, masturbate. Congressman Anthony Weiner from New York is no exception nor is anyone in the US government. The problem is, it’s the 21st century in America (elsewhere, not necessarily) with the lights on everywhere be it the computer, I pod/pad, cell phone cameras, or every kind of journalist looking to make a buck. No longer is it easy to hide behind the lies of yesteryear. Transparency is the new ‘sneak and hide’ of millenniums prior.

Maybe the transparency started with the Jewish Geek comic who wore a red bow tie and pale grey suit named Pee-Wee Herman when he was outed in 1991 for strange sexual behavior. Then there was the famed President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky affair near the time of another ‘head line story’ concerning a friend, Marv Albert, the famed sports announcer. As the 21st century has opened, it seems that every month there has been increasing new indiscretional peep shows to shock and awe America.

Seems soon the day will come when it becomes common place to have hidden cameras in public restrooms for later YouTube viewing by millions. Would be a very different world if people dealt with their fears, and unresolved issues to communicate with those who they allegedly are close to. Then we might eliminate these painful news exposes. Life is not likely to go backwards to the ‘hide and seek’ times of yesteryears. It seems prudent to be more open to evolving beyond the barriers to both emotional growth, common sense, and basic inner spiritual growth.

Men are transfixed by having any opportunity to excite themselves without maturing emotionally enough to transcend those feelings into a motivation from the heart. Nature provides the stimulus in all life to procreate the species. It is only mankind that can use sexual energy through techniques available to all, to raise the consciousness through ‘right use of sex’. Animals just unconsciously procreate without knowing why they are attracted to one of their kind. Only humans can use their kundalini energy to meditate, and evolve into new dimensions of consciousness. Superconsciousness trumps animal lust, gluttony, and cyber sex!

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