Arnold & Weiner’s Wives Dumb?

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Arnold & Weiner’s Wives Dumb?


June 8, 2011
Are some wives smart enough to be wives of who they choose carefully to live happily ever after with? ‘Dumb’ is entering the relationship of an ‘us’ if one or both partners doesn’t exercise the ability to share all that’s in their mind and heart at anytime with their beloved. Why can one partner think one secretive way, and the other have private thoughts hidden from the spouse, and still be an authentic merger into ‘one’? That’s a ‘fractured us’! Marriage or partnering is about more than physical delight, security, rotating love/hate, commercialism, etc. It should be about unconditional love through heartache, and happiness with total communication.

Recent Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been ‘outed’ for extra curricular romances leaving high profile wife, Maria Shriver in the pits of agony. Almost in a timely step, Anthony Weiner, Congressman from New York, and married to Huma Abedin, a pretty Muslim and ‘gatekeeper’, close associate for 15 years to ex President Bill Clinton’s wife and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. What’s going on here at the top of the ‘pyramid of power’? Is it reflective of ‘soap operas’ all over America? Who and/or what’s to blame for these Shakespearean dramas?

The journey into the dark forests of romance needs the lights of direction for both, simultaneously and consistently, or some form of manipulation, domination, control/lying may result. What we have here is a failure to communicate, and it only takes one to fail in that, although usually both are complicit in not living up to love’s needs. Each of these women is highly intelligent, and mature enough to do what a husband and wife on ‘food stamps’ is able to do – have total communication, and mutual agreements that daily support a loving relationship.

At this time in human development, the male partner always must lead in asserting love’s many qualities. A woman trying to do that when the man is typically resistant is likely futile. Women are rarely resistant to anything encouraging love. Men have a knack of wanting to find love in all places while having captured what they think is a ‘steady love’ without having to communicate what’s on their minds. A woman should always assume that a partners past will play a role in the moment and future. Love is blind because it doesn’t want to see what’s hidden in the mind of the other out of doubt of one’s love for oneself. Call it fear. Fear of what’s in your mind, or your partners always has karmic implications. Love may need a growing season to blossom endlessly through dark and light times. Nurture love for it is life’s greatest state of meditation. rhata

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