Females Intiate ‘Breakaways’

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Females Initiate ‘Breakaways’

June 7, 2011
Guys left with their heart in their hands need to see what’s really going on! In the free Western world where relationships are like ‘musical interlude chairs’, there is very little understanding of empathy or compassion as love reaches down to ‘bottom feeding’ by the one who leaves the other out on the street. What goes around comes around is not likely on the mind of the ‘jilter of love’. Love is a sham for many people who use the word’s meaning as ‘bait for recognition or to keep the other ostensibly happy. Sadly, love is often a cheap or trick word. Who’s guilty besides the user of the ‘love bait’? Likely mommy who also came into motherhood with her own unresolved issues from her mother who got it from her mother, who got it from her…..

Why is a female more likely to do the breakaway other than being cheated on? Unconsciously, or consciously she knows that she is getting attention from other men rather easily who put on their best show for her approval. Men, on the other hand, rarely if ever get anywhere near the attention from other females, even if they are fat and ugly!! Women, particularly those who appear the slightest bit friendly, have no trouble getting at least an occasional hello. Strange world when it comes to understanding the interplay between men and women.

A female who smokes, is an alcoholic, well overweight but the least bit receptive will meet her counterpart easily. Wise? Of course not, but men are typically given more ‘need energy’ to push the envelope of their ego to connect with a potential partner.  There are few couplings where each know the ‘art of physical detachment or rearrangement in a harmonious way from the other. It’s called ‘conditional love’. Unconditional love always cares for the other in all circumstances. The ideal situation is when both partners are in sync with unconditional love. If not, it’s not a bad idea to keep a tight rope on the pseudo love victim, or compassionately escape from ‘loves pseudo hook’ with grace.

Love in the western world is like eating steak everyday, but growing hungry for something else even if it’s poor hamburger meat. However, ‘jilting’ love
does occasionally happen the other way. I knew a couple, 30 years old, college sweethearts at Princeton. Hubby was a successful stockbroker, wife was a very pretty stay-at-home-mother of 3 in an upscale neighborhood of New Jersey. One day hubby suddenly left and moved in with his plain looking secretary. Inadequate love and communication is behind every breakaway. Two people need let love go deep until there is a third entity known as an ‘us’ where the mind is always an ‘us or we’. That never goes against itself! Love needs more love to keep it fueled, or in rare cases that is just ‘unavoidable’. Arhata

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