Art Of Criticism

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Art of Criticism

June 6, 2011
In as much as ‘art of’ is of questionable value with some things, one can refine criticism of others, as well when giving it, to have potentially positive results. Criticism often has a boomerang effect of coming back in one’s face, even if it’s locked in someone’s memory for a later time. Karma is attached to it, and making it good karma is the best decision. Most are very sensitive, and unprepared for any criticism even if it’s well intended. Most are very critical of themselves, only knowing how to react rather than respond to criticism. One has to walk carefully among the rose bushes, or experience the unwanted hurt of a thorny response.

People are good (?) at dishing out criticism particularly in the form of ‘projected judgments’. It’s a wise use of ‘criticisms’, sometimes referred to as judgments, to know and investigate 360 degrees what is being criticized and is it helpful, or even appropriate in timing or accuracy. Defective criticism serves no purpose most times, and just is ‘gasoline thrown on simmering embers’ that may be hardly noticeable until the reactionary flare up by the one criticized. Come from a place of awareness as well as from the heart for maximum feedback.

Part of a spiritual, conscious way is to be adept at handling different forms of criticism, even if it requires it being from the brain until a deeper self love comes. Be in awareness, and with an ability to turn what appears to be an insult into a light hearted response. An occasional reactive response that doesn’t hurt you, or the other, is what it is, and letting go of any emotional shrapnel as soon as possible is positive. To be in a more meditative, or self loving natural state is a natural buffer to criticism as well as a deterrent to inappropriately criticizing another. Always use skillful means in giving criticism or in responding. Everyone is learning even if they don’t realize it.

It may be hard to imagine for those who don’t feel a deep sense of love, but with that, criticism takes on of a whole different appearance, either disappearing or expressed as in a new form as a ‘light suggestion’ or thought. Communication in it’s best sense, is ‘harmony’, and that state where interaction from the heart blossoms. Focus on using ‘skillful means’ of dealing with both incoming criticism and your outgoing criticism, making it a loving experience. Everyone needs a ‘break’ in better ways to see who they are behind the ‘guards of unnecessary protection of the ego’. Send and receive criticisms with love and awareness!

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