Sugar Coated Deception

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Sugar Coated Deception


June 1, 2011
In the ‘bottom line’ world, it’s also called lying to cover up a ‘perceived need’ that is really for ‘self greed’. Innocence is a virtue, but also vulnerable to ‘huckstering’ beyond any care for the outcome, and unsuspecting ‘victim’. It happens on all levels of life from the husband who gives his wife a gift because he feels guilt over the one hour spent with an Escort at several hundred dollars, to the corporations (like cell phone companies) that wants to sell billions of dollars of it’s product.  This all while promoting ‘coverups’ of it’s imminent dangers until it makes a better product over the years, in hope of washing those who died earlier under the ‘rug of time’.

Having been a ‘corporate salesman’, I fully knew the tricks to get others to buy my product or service. It just so happened that I never sold a product or service that really went with more than very mild deception, and not seemingly hurting anyone. With certain products, like pharmaceuticals, the salesman is filled with deception, even if they don’t fully realize it. Goals have to be met for all salesmen, most by those who don’t seriously consider, and discern ‘what’ they are selling to make money, and potentially harm the buyer.

A recent ongoing study of the lunch food served to innocent children in the LA school system has been found to be manufactured to ‘just taste good’. An example is with milk that is flavored or ‘sugar coated’ inspite of the proven dangers for obesity, and other health problems. The deception, and resistance to new healthy food after years of ‘greedily’ feeding millions of children ‘unsafe food’, likely sold by ‘conglomerates’ that also sell ‘pills’ to help health problems, is just ‘snake oil salesmanship’ upgraded behind misleading advertising. Make the healthy, unhealthy, and then provide the solution for more money. The old ‘satisfy or create a perceived need that creates a problem, and offer the solution’ game with money to be made at both ends!

Trickery produces karma both for the trickster, and the ‘treatered’. In this highly sophisticated world, most are driven by money. Both the seller, and the buyer are part of the polarity of deception. What we want or desire, and what is needed has a big ‘gap’ between them. Seeing inside one’s self, and finding that which is most needed, is really an inner awareness, and love for self as well as for others. A new, more wholesome outlook on life slowly emerges. Life is divine, and the divine is found within, not what others are peddling, and being a victim of them because of misguided desires. Stay away from ‘sugar coating’ by paying attention.

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