Old Women are Great!

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Old Woman are Great!


May 28, 2011
Getting old is a time for women to be free of the lusts of immature males, and focus on the things that matter! Most missed the chance to work on themselves to be more loving, and wise. With all the duties, and attractions over the years, time slips away. Older age is an opportunity to have the time to be free, and be yourself. Today, it is the norm to spend half of your adult life as what the younger would call ‘old people’. Of course, old people have many manifestations from looking and acting old to looking younger than you are, and having that youthful vitality which some have even missed in their younger days.

I live in an upscale part of town with cows a few hundred yards away. Having spent, until recently, my ‘maturing years’ in NYC and LA, I never saw cows. Some of these assorted types of cows in the herd of 50 or so, are humongous, weighing 1,000 to 2,000
pounds. They seem to have a nice life grazing near the cliffs overlooking the vast water with Canada in the background, but I learned that these beauties have a life at this size of 1.5 – 2 years before the local stupid market gets them! Imagine – a human baby is still learning to talk during this short time!

Most of us live 25 or more years longer than our predecessors did a century ago! Twenty five or more extra years to relax, and use the opportunity to follow or create our passions. One of those passions can best become growing in wisdom, and opening up to it’s possibilities. One of the wisdoms is to detach ourselves from lots of things that weigh us down into a person set in ways that are negative examples of being characteristic of aging. As we open up our minds, and hearts we find that who we thought we were is not necessarily who one morphs into.

Being an ‘old soul’ happens in the beginning with some rare children, and yet seems to avoid most who are destined to be an old person who never matured belying their aged appearance. ‘Old souls’ are people who have found a deep love within as well as a wisdom to discern the more positive aspects of life. ‘Old souls’ are born that way, but everyone has the opportunity to develop into those inherent characteristics as time goes on. Older age is a divine opportunity to either expand the characteristics of an ‘old soul’,  while letting go, and developing them. In either case, life at all ages is a wonderful opportunity to explore the beauties of the inner, and give back to those searching for a better way of living.

Dr Oz of TV fame says 3 things for those getting older are important: 1-Walk 2-Eat healthy 3-Have a passion!

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