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May 31, 2011
This is a ‘Corporate controlled world’ where the corporations are now controlling you. Add politicians, and religious salesmen to your gullibility, and ‘voila’ – YOU are a sheeple. If you are buying from a supermarket, for example, you are buying ‘manufactured food’ with additives that will control the quality of your health now and later.

In Los Angeles, people rarely pay attention to what their hundreds of thousands of kids are fed at lunch time. All of it is controlled by one corporation that likely pays off the appropriate members of the school board. The food is pre packaged chemical food. Lots of it is microwaved ‘with the plastic container intact’. Milk is flavored with chemicals, and until right now, nothing has changed to make it ‘healthy food’ for our overweight kids, not to mention those who will have more health problems.

Money controls what you have an option to buy, but that means ‘YOU’ can make the choice to control the ‘corporations’. You must be informed, and actively make discerning decisions to make the best ‘natural’, and ‘for the better welfare of our citizens’ choices.
We are running out of control with too many alternatives to satisfy an inner greed for more, cheaper, and for quicker enjoyment. John F. Kennedy said in the 1960’s ‘ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country’. What can you do to hold corporations to the highest standards of output instead of ‘them’ using you as guinea pigs, or suckers to fatten their wallets.

Who are these corporations? They are operated by you. You or someone you know may  work there, or you may buy from them without consideration of why it hurts the collective when individual choices contribute to the collective decision to give what the collective will buy most of.

Corporations control what information you get in the news media. They pay the newspeople. Ratings control what can be said so news is ‘filtered’ – hoping that enough has been said to pacify you, and you won’t question the fake truths. It’s not just the government, but primarily the corporations who measure the effect on their profits, that news is censored, and yet seems not to be censored. As time goes on, the control of the mass mind get more sophisticated with billions spent paying people to study and implement the ‘brain washing’. Not a conspiracy theory! Reality! Wake up, love yourself, and pay attention. You can ‘unsheeple’ yourself, and make it a better world for everyone! Tomorrow is today!

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