Bottom Feeder Mentality

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Bottom Feeder Mentality
Love is-Message on Love by useitinfo

May 26, 2011
No they are not just the conservatives in the Republican party, but through all walks of life from rich to poor, educated to non educated. Fishes that crawl along the bottom of the ocean never get to see the ‘light’, as do those who always pick from the more negative options available in anything except what serves them, and that qualifies for ‘bottom feeding’. To not see what’s in front of you hidden in plain sight is to be blind to the wonders that with awareness can be plucked from the sea’s of the closed minds.

Scientists have surmised that in the hippocampus region of the brain, shrinking atrophy exists, like an opposite example of fat coming from being a couch potato. No, or little expansion of the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of one’s being for quality, results in a very dull, closed being. To merely exist, in what could be called a ‘comatose state’, is one of the greatest wastes of life. It’s life enhancing to step out of the box, and meet challenges physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually at all stages of life.

In all ages, bottom feeders are crawling, complaining, commiserating, and doing little for others except for themselves and dependents. Money, both the pursuit and the needless hoarding of it, seem to be their sole reason to exist with little active caring for contributing to make it a better more conscious world. The state of the world today is more for worshipping the self interests of greed and entitlement. No longer is it a world of a few square miles, but one in which we are all interdependent not only for each other, but the whole environment. One severely overlooked area of interdependence is the spiritual consciousness aspect that evolves us as humans far beyond the merits of ever changing technology.

Our soul, and meaning of existing, expands through the love that we imbibe, and give to another. ‘Bottom Feeders’ are shallow on self love. To live in the mind that doesn’t tap the secrets of the heart is to commit a slow suicide. Seek love as the antidote to not only depression, anxiety, and all fears, but at a stimulus to a joy of life, or at least a feel of the positive blessings that are all around but for seeing them, and finding the scent of gratefulness within. Being grateful can start right now! Arhata

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