Tinker Bell Meets Pink Panther

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Tinker Bell Meets Pink Panther

May 23, 2011
Looking for love in all the wrong places, Tinker Bells flutter from experience to experience looking for answers to fill her dreams but, only being awash in fortune cookie wisdom. From out of the shadows lurks the stealth ‘pink panther’ wisely looking to avoid ‘Tinker Bells’ but never being able to truly escape her twinkle and charm. The Pink Panther is a ‘groovy cat, gentleman, scholar, and an acrobat!

Pink Panther is a funny, groovy character searching for love in all the right places, but missing the scent as he tip toes through life’s mirrors that he looks to escape from. He’s allured by the scent of his imagination that flitters through the mirrors of time to reveal escaping images that filter though his mind. Bubbles bursting in air as life passes by. Pinky is always escaping what he seeks through perceived stealth that really is avoiding, and fearing the winds of love that follows everywhere he momentarily escapes to. Through his wistful, scholarly demeanor, he glides with his acrobatic skills through all the forays he encounters only to shockingly come back to where he started from.

Tinker Bell, in her mischievous way, dances and flutters through life like a carefree squirrel undaunted by the colder winds of time starting to blow. She teases like the Sirens of old, crashing men’s dreams while casting her own to the winds. Like the dancing fireflies in the warm night air she has no thought of the light that looms ahead in the air taking away her power to enchant everyone everywhere that she showers with the lights of her being. She tantalizes and teases even the birds and the bees. Freedom is in her flight, yet not in her heart even with the glow of her light. The ‘spells’ Tinker is casting are ones that soon still the night into darkness.

One day, Tinker Bell and Pink Panther run into each others eyes of love while shyly facing the urges to run. This moment in love’s time, only for the here and now, will shine if they mirror each others minds and hearts, letting go of the charades, and finding behind the shadows of masks that something divine brings them to a reality of who they really are. Life is a choice, and fairy tales are fine, but there is nothing better than meeting who you are to see who the other is, and how you can shine without being Tinker Bell or the Pink Panther. Life is an evolving journey for you who make that choice, and make the fantasy a reality as well as a real loving drama!

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