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May 22, 2011
Are the pills that ‘alter’ what you don’t like about yourself leading you into a delusion away from who you really are? The invasion of the ‘pills’ has reached well beyond accountability for who you really are behind the masks that hide what needs to be fixed, and let go of the natural way. Is the manufactured array of pills creating the new reality of illusion and perception? Is your favorite pill putting ‘karma’ on hold? The downsides of ‘pill taking’, all lead to avoiding what needs to be fixed that instead artificially props up the ‘new steroid you’.

Is it cheating? Are you given the power beyond what you really have earned? I’m thinking of one particular friend who until she injects one of ‘big pharma’s pills’ into her system, she is a completely different person that is depressed, but innocent and vulnerable due to excessive childhood abuse. Should parents know that however they raise, and neglect their child, they can feel good about ‘a pill’ in the future relieving them of responsibility? There is nothing wrong with having to climb out of trauma’s the ‘old fashion way’ of finding positive ways to rise above dilemma’s rather than ‘stuffing’ on pills, with side effects, and eventual needs to find new pills that work (better?) when the old ones lose their power.

Blocking ‘karma’ by chemical ways may have short term advantages, but in the long run of life, will create unexpected challenges. Imagine being with a partner, who you’ve only known propped up through pills, but when something happens with either the pills losing the effect or any situation happening where the ‘pill effect’ slowly, or suddenly loses their abilities, and you are dealing with someone entirely different than you bargained for!  Try making agreements with yourself, and if another is involved, to communicate the means necessary to help work out that which the ‘experts’ have a ‘non guaranteed’ pill to cover the problem with.

I became especially aware of the onslaught of ‘pill mania’ when suddenly there was one for ‘nervous leg syndrome’, which exercise I had occasionally enjoyed since myself, and a buddy started doing it in tandem during grade school. The teacher would wonder why the room was slightly shaking! I began to think something was wrong when I heard of the ‘stop leg shaking pill’! I made up my mind to stop without the stupid pill! Wasn’t hard by just being aware of it, and not doing it. In a relatively short time – no leg shaking.

It’s become like the alcohol, smoking, pot, or all drugs (legal or illegal) addict to avoid what needs to be worked through with a persistent, positive approach of awareness,
and techniques enhancing self love. Try the slow, old fashioned way of facing the barriers, and increasing inner strength by letting them go by whatever natural means. The natural way creates a more authentic, evolving being.

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