Ocean’s of Love

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Ocean’s of Love

May 23, 2011
Love is stronger than death. There is no surprise greater than the feeling of being in love, especially when it surrounds, and is inside your very being. To miss the love that is stronger than death is to miss life’s greatest blessing. If you haven’t been able to, or can’t beg, borrow, steal or smell the scent of love even downwind, it’s time for an extreme ‘you’ makeover! Start by being aware of everything rather than being in a daze, and apathetic to any state of being that challenges what you’ve found non threatening and comfortable. Get outside yourself, and at the same time, go inside to seek who you really are, and not who’ve you’ve let the ‘street mind’ tell you.

The past is now, but one that you can let go of the attachment to. Love is undetachable, so no need to ‘let go’ of or detach. That would be like letting go of breathing, except even more impossible. You have love within regardless if it seems as an illusion. Love can be like a creek that’s almost dried up, hoping for more rain. Love can be a babbling brook, a river of life, or an ocean that wraps itself around you. Love seeks to fill the lowest level like water seeking the lowest level, and filling the space perhaps to create an ‘ocean of love.

‘Street love’ is like the near parched creek, or the babbling brook with sex as it’s consequence. As love rises, even without the experience of sex, it floods the very being at every step in life and beyond. Whether the end of a road, the end of a rainbow, or the end of a story that’s been told, all relationships meet that same end on way or another. What’s different is that even when the sex ends, the aura of love through all it’s past challenges is there for those who have their heart open to hear and feel.

Tomorrow, yesterday, or today, love not only follows, but you follow ‘it’ as a choiceless choice. The intensity of the encounter of love yesterday will shine tomorrow, and today even when at moments it seems to have gone behind a never ending cloud. A singing, dancing, compassionate heart is one that acts as a ‘sponge’ of all the universe has to offer. Staying in the shallow, street love is to miss what only you can hear or read as if it’s some distant fairy tale. Reach in and give out the right choice from the heart. Love always want to be with you.

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