Omission is Deception

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Omission is Deception


May 20, 2011
An agenda leaving out important truths, and affecting others adversely, is filled with the spin of deception, or in other words ‘lies’. Spinning the truth that is really not the truth, is ‘karmic’, and has consequences for those unquestioning for the seeking of the whole ‘truth’. At dawn this morning on my ‘meditative walk’, I saw the full moon, with omissions of the truth that it’s not just a ‘balloon in the sky’, how would innocent, uninformed man know otherwise. The consequences of that example may be less impactful on society than say a government that ‘creates a ‘Hollywood illusion’ for a national threat that is, frankly filled with suppositions covering ill intentions.

On a personal level, a husband who tells his wife what she wants to hear with any covert excuse to himself why he is not being truthful, is showing conditional, low level love covering up deception, and reasons for lack of trust. One lie require another, and another lie to cover up the original one, until you’ve painted yourself in a corner with potential consequences of being exposed, not to mention the hidden effect of what the lies had on you, and another’s behavior.

Life has become more of a fantasy than ever before somewhat do to the complexity of everyday living, and the infinite choices, from the deceptions in food, medical/pharmaceutical cures, insurance, investments, news media, weight loss programs, religion, technological advances and gadgets, the list seems endless. Where ever you look, if something isn’t complex to understand, it’s filled with omissions to convince you what you want to hear,  regardless of the ‘truths’.

The ‘road most traveled’ is overflowing with people ‘gridlocked’ in their minds and hearts. Easy answers are ‘peddled’ by career/corporate types to support their houses, cars, entertainment, traveling, and any new ‘pleasers’ the shysters can pawn off onto the ‘gluttonous in denial’. The ‘road to hell’ is ‘here and now’ today for those not in their hearts and awareness. The ‘ultimate omission of deception’ is to become identified with the many masks that you wear to avoid what’s really inside that is likely layered with masks avoiding the letting go of the pasts suppressed concepts, precepts, and turmoils. Reach out, but reach in first and drop the facade. Go underground to bring up the divine pearls of who you really are. Seek the real substance within.

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