Arnold & Groping

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Arnold & Groping


May 17, 2010
A man should never grope a girl underage, even with her permission it’s risky monkey business, and with consequences! However, Muhammed, according to the Muslims, is an ideal man, so ‘what to say’, with his marring a 9 year old and who knows what kind of antics went on prior to the betrothal. Arnold is a Venice Beach Icon with lots of ‘local stories’ about his ‘friskiness’ with males and females when he was supporting his quest to be Mr. Olympia over and over. Should we get too carried away in judging him? In the ’70’s, he came upon the scene to fuel ‘body building’ and open it to be what it is today with his promoter, Joe Weider. Is he an exception to the rule to judge, or is he an example to see for millions who should look at, and judge themselves instead?

Now I’m a victim indirectly of Arnold’s friendliness in that he ‘groped’ a ‘girl’ friend in a New York City health club within months after he married Maria Shriver of the famous Kennedy clan. My friend was a bit aghast, but took it with a ‘grain of salt’ that a famous person found her attractive.

Maria Shriver has been well educated, a TV newscaster, and certainly not a ‘bimbo’, except when it came to choosing a ‘life partner’. Arnold is a great guy, top of the world body builder, actor, and  ex-Governor of California, but anyone using the slightest bit of wisdom has to know he’s a playful, high profile, attractive, studely guy who’s not going to change while he still can ‘have his cake and eat it too’! There is something called ‘communication’ which they both obviously failed at, and it makes sense, right or wrong, that he looked for ‘cake’. Of course, we don’t know what Maria was like really to encourage this behavior.

‘Groping’ is a fun thing, if done with compassion and sensitivity for the ‘groped’. I certainly would hope that any ‘guy’ had the common sense to not grope me even with sensitivity because of my ‘sexual preferences’. Which brings up looking at groping in reverse, again with sensitivity, compassion, and awareness for the consequences possible. There are many barriers between the sexes. If women were more open to groping men, and with empathy, it would ‘loosen up’ the sexual barriers into a more healthy climate. Of course, the male should respond politely, and expect nothing! It all comes down to can you grope, and be in the heart with compassion for all concerned? Knowing Arnold, I’m sure he knew when to be frisky with a smile, and apologize if necessary. With many millions of females who are or were engaged in some form of prostitution, the female gender needs to look at things from 360 degrees, and not rush to judgment. Why can’t we all love ourselves even more, and share that with as many as possible in a multitude of ways?

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