Trapped in Karma

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Trapped in Karma

May 14, 2011
Karmic quicksand of the conditioned mind and closed heart starts very early while becoming harder, and harder to pull out of the suffocating condition. Wherever you go there you are, with every influence that has been part of your past, good or bad! There is no shelter from the storm of the negative impressions that occupy space in your being unless you have examined, and reinterpreted them, or in other words released, and let go of the attachment to them. Karma is kept alive by unconsciousness. Move in awareness or consciousness, and the negatives of the past disperse.

Most start with being trapped in negative cultural programming which generations could not extricate themselves from the negatives of. Asians, for example, have many admirable qualities but are very guarded as well as emotionally closed. When they decide to be just a person free of all the negative passed on mental and emotional entrapments, they can blossom into adaptable, remarkable people. When everyone around you in the environment falls into a stereotype, it is near impossible to be who you really are. The ‘karma of genetics, culture, and environment’ are formidable, but with focus, and meditation one can arise above it.

‘Resistance to change’ to protect the ego is a major trap resulting in standing, and sinking still in quicksand. A ‘rolling rock gathers no moss’, which in cases of ‘karmic trap’, allows a person to choose to move in a vertical, rising evolvement rather than pushing the rock uphill as in the ‘Sisyphus’ story from Homer’s ‘Illiad’. The question becomes, ‘do you allow yourself to move in a positive direction, and show results for it? A friend, knowing she has been trapped in negative patterns with her personal life, frequently asks me wisely, with openness, to point out where she needs to let go of ‘old, destructive habits’.

Seeking answers or assistance from one who has risen above the fluctuating tide’s endless self destruction is much wiser than rowing against the tide while going no where.   Ending up finishing at the starting line but never starting, is the endless path of humanity, but in this rare time, the  helpful means to move ahead are everywhere. Rarely is one able to escape negative karma on their own, instead meeting frustration after frustration resulting in ‘giving up’ to the quicksand of karma. Karma is usually self made from a lack of self worth. Build self worth and open up the love and awareness aspect within. The culture and environment are now more perfect to rise above karma as never before, NOW! The ‘wheel of Karma’ stops with a conscious you!

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