Meditation Replaces Religion

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Meditation Replaces Religion


May 12, 2011
Religions are tired, old, outdated male-god oriented ‘vacuums’ that feed the illusions which most 8 year olds ought to have let go of. No religion is based on ‘meditation’ or the ‘art of clearing the mind’, but for the Eastern ones that ‘pretend’ to include meditating. Western religions, all ‘Arbrahamic based’, have only recently shown popular interest in meditation, with the exception of Islam.

The minds of humans are easily programmed from youth and/or from traumas that afford religion’s an opportunity to offer a way to heal them. These millions likely are not aware, at the same time, of being ‘mind controlled’ by religious salesmen representing so called ancient ‘holy books’ purported to be the words of God in whatever name used to describe ‘Him’. What’s needed is to have an apocalypse of the past’s mass negative manipulations of gullible lives. In reality, non reality or illusion, ironically can act as a temporary medication like phenomenon to be the device to heal. Simple positive thinking or meditation could have done the same thing, and without being a ‘mind slavery’ attachment, and it’s implications, to an illusion.

All the ‘rules of conduct’ in life are far better written, and known by millions of adults to serve as a far better understandable guide to successful living. Meditation releases an innate awareness to see what is sensitive, and harmonious in life without having to read any ancient book for instructions. Religions create borders, or gates separating its followers from others, and with a mixture of truths, and false or illusory information. Meditation ultimately burns away any need for attachment to all religions or ideologies, hence, once that’s understood, it’s a danger to the survival of them.

‘God’ has nothing to do with religion as religions make whatever word is used, into a concept to fear, and ironically with all followers being in the dark as to what the expression of a ‘god’ really means. Meditation creates an awakening to see, feel, and be, that is beyond a belief creating a ‘false god’. Meditation is the ‘breath of life’ that is the invisible fuel of the universe to stimulate positive, blissful living without accompanying false fears of retributions for everlasting condemnations. The ‘temple of meditation’ is within, only needing an accepting choice, and the action to open it up to enhance one’s every moment in life. Arhata

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