Unfinished Love

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Unfinished Love

May 7, 2011
Unfinished love can be damaging to the soul. Unlike Franz Schubert’s 1822 ‘Unfinished Symphony’, love that ends incomplete, sometimes abruptly, and likely ruptured, sends millions into a tailspin, and crashes where few survive, too damaged to go on to higher altitudes of love. Love is a double edged sword when immaturity permeates it, and creates a ‘love vixen’. Like a child of innocence, if they are not nurtured, and given heartfelt energy protection, they grow into a damaged being, frequently never to be fixed to experience the symphonies of love.

Love always ends at the level of our bodily beings. It’s just a matter of when, why and how. Here today, gone tomorrow is too often the needless case with love encounters, be they parental, friendships, or especially the once deep connection of two partners once in union. Love unrequited is as strong as death. Those who suffer from low self esteem (self love), unless they have ‘stone shields around them, feel the ‘shrapnel’ damaging them the most, sparing no one. The blood of the ‘misused love’ transforms into the ‘love knife’, and drips in the hearts of the innocent be they lion or lamb.

Love takes care of all who have received it’s love, endlessly. Love not used in this way of compassion is altered love, that in the end damages ‘love’s end perpetrator’ most. Love uses wisdom, and wisdom uses ‘caring’. Everywhere I look, I see ‘disconnected’ love, that slowly only seems eaten by all the negative emotions endlessly. Love’s casualties fill the empty graves that have once been like flowers in a meadow, untouched by the unconsciousness of human destruction. What you see, feel, hear, touch, and sense before you is God. With love it blooms; with uncaring lack of attention, and projected unloving judgment, it wilts.

A good portion of people’s lives are spent alone, whether with someone where communication is only superficial, or just ‘alone’, and millions spend their last years that way. To die full of love within you, is to die in a blissful state that the soul absorbs on its journey. All the tomorrow’s, and yesterdays are always in the moment of ‘now’. ‘Now’ is where love resides, and it does so regardless of a loved one sitting next to you. ‘Love complete’ fills the spirit with unending reminders of having once filled the heart. When love meets love, there is no better relationship where love is, or has been, even when the connection changes! Always live prepared with a deep, and complete love within, and especially love for who you are with or have been with.

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