Smoke, Mirrors, and Gullibility

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Smoke, Mirrors & Gullibility

May 6, 2011
It starts innocently to protect children from what adults feel they are not mature enough to best understand. When kids reach adult ‘immaturity’, the game begins again, all because of not having the courage to be transparent, and with all kinds of excuses why not. Transparent communication is necessary for both a mature, loving relationship and for a society that is evolving into a more conscious, blessed life. The gap between the truth, and what’s conveyed need not be a gap where the polarity of the side holding truth is buried in darkness for the benefit of the ‘perpetrator’.

Life begins with truth, and it’s compassionate ways of communicating it. We are a society that has moved in the last few decades beyond many social restrictions that haunted us as humans for millenniums, and yet still does the majority of the world. We in this country are blessed by the millions to help those within, and then those who suffer what millions here once did on a mass scale. In a sense, we are the workers of God. Life and it’s enhancements for everything on the planet is not in the hands of the family cat or dog, but you and I.

Twisting or spinning truth to make gain, and money beyond essential needs, is embracing the seven deadly sins, especially greed for the nourishment for the appetite of gluttony, while many are shamelessly ‘proud’ of it and yet lusting for more. The ego that plays in the field of the seven deadly sins, is one that is immature, and quick to anger when the unconscious use of the seven deadly sins is blocked or thwarted.

Trust can make one gullible, and vulnerable to the ‘gullibility plucking’ of the self by pleasure seekers with an agenda. Being a healthy sceptic is necessary to see beyond first impressions, or someone’s lack of candor. There was a time, in the middle of the last century, where life seemed simple and straight forward. Things are more open now, and yet more complicated, and needing educated awareness to transcend potential gullibility. Life for many, has resulted in being victims to a ‘sleight of hand’ or use of false magic to give one an impression to cover reality. Always follow the money! Always look within to find the center of who you are. Make life a clear mirror that reflects love and compassion.

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