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May 5, 2011
Who are they? The ‘anti-TV people’, or the TV slugs? Nothing seems more annoying than a person not considerate of the noise of the purported ‘communication blaster’! This intruder of the senses, allows everything from the negative, to the positive that has value to the discerning. TV is free to allow infinite expressions in America. It’s all up to the watcher to use the best choices, or otherwise, which often represents who they are. This is the age of information beyond anyone’s comprehension just a few years ago. Newspapers, magazines, books, radio, cell phones, TV, internet, movies, experience, the list is impressive. Sheeple and everyone partakes of them all.

A new kind of sheeple stays under the radar of the TV slug. The new sheeple is the ‘anti-TV’ protester. This new sheeple is a new kind of liberal, I call the pseudo liberal. Their reasoning is that it’s just a mind control junk box for the stupid. Back in the ‘old days’ of last century, there may have been some merit to that ‘sluff off’ judgment. TV was filled with everything from excess violence, soaps, canned laughter, and less transparent news casts. Today, more and more of different forms of reality TV are on the main media menu that offer educational, inspirational, progressive information for the discerning watcher.

There is no question that the viewer must be aware that ‘ratings’ are a primary goal of the networks, however, ‘you the public’ determine what is shown. In all areas of life, polls are taken to access the size of the target audience for where to spend the most money to have the best return on the investment. A society that is compassionate for the welfare of all, will appreciate ‘how to’ and inspirational features. A society that has a significant majority of ‘sheeple’ will feed the watcher with features that have little redeeming value.

Today, American TV is filled with positive, compassionate selections that circumvent the need for the discerning to either pompously avoid TV because of misperceptions, or to make choices of features of heartfelt value that add to ones consciousness. A window of opportunity for a breakthrough into a rising life and love is shining upon the aware and discerning. There have been civilizations who missed the ‘open door’ of enlightenment only to destroy themselves. Why not use every access as an aid in rising to new heights of being? Tune in, turn on for enlightenment!

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