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May 3, 2011
People who follow what ‘authority’ says is true, without serious questioning, are asleep. Some of the nicest people are ‘sheeple’. Some of the nicest people do next to nothing but exist. That being said, what characteristics might define who the sheeple are?

The ‘sheeple’ are afraid of their own emotions, and anything that goes counter to what they have accepted as ‘ok’. They are generally conservative, and not to suggest that a bit of conservative nature is not good. They are often hoarders. They ‘pooh-pooh’ information contrary to what they ‘believe’, in fact, they are ‘believers’ in most authority including religion’s information. In essence, sheeple are closed to become ‘intimate’ with themselves, another, or anything which bring up fears and self doubts. It could be said, they are afraid of their own shadow.

Sheeple come in all forms. They may be ‘wolves’ on certain subjects or ways that make them ‘sheeps in wolves clothing’ for they still cling to their fears, and self imposed incarceration from the facts and truth. Sheeple, unknowingly are ‘institutionalized’ by their habits and closed little world of security that they choose. Humans can, and do, ‘compartmentalize’ certain information so as not to have it interfere with the moment. One who is experiencing grief may put it on the shelf while experiencing certain pleasurable things. You could also, put anything experienced into the unconscious compartment for a good reason or not.

Sheeple are easily led, hence, the occupations they choose, be it the military, a fast food restaurant, or a teacher of a religion, etc. It’s human nature of the more unconscious to want to have people listen, and follow them for their agenda. Followers often don’t acknowledge that they are. That automatically makes them ‘sheeple’. It’s safer to fit into the infinite world’s that we encounter, quietly going about one’s ways. On the other hand, the person with colored hair, rings on the mouth, tatoos, and often unbathed is likely one who fits the saying,”Thou protesteth too much”. They are ‘black sheeple’ with ribbons and jewelry hanging!

Moving into a more conscious, aware loving life, you must push the barriers of resistance. That ‘pushing’ will also entail letting go of all negativity. Sleep walking through life’s many intricacies and challenges is to miss life, and sleep walkers usually don’t realize it with their ‘masks and armor’ to protect them from ‘new information’. Thaw the conditioned mind, and closed heart out for a more full live of living in a state of loving yourself and life.

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